My thoughts on “free range” parenting

What is “free range” parenting? The below is a definition from Wikipedia; Slow parenting (also called simplicity parenting and free range parenting) is a parenting style in which few activities are organised for children. Instead, they are allowed to explore … Continue reading

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I was fuming

Some of you saw last week I posted on Facebook I was fuming.  On Friday Khloe and hubby had eye exams.  I recently noticed Khloe was squinting bad while reading and picking larger print books like Dork Diaries over regular … Continue reading

Monday it begins

Monday it begins!! At 8:30am Khloe and I will be heading to the school for the first of her evaluations,  speech.  I’m not worried about her speech,  but might as well have everything evaluated and not miss anything. I won’t … Continue reading