Birthday Parade: Mommy Like–Stylin’ Momma / PassionSpice Review & Giveaway

When I got pregnant with Khloe I already knew I wanted to breastfeed.  I didn’t pick up any formula and grabbed a manual breast pump knowing I would be returning to work when she was 6 weeks old.  To my shocked and depression Khloe never took well to nursing, my supply lacked and by the time I returned to work she was maybe nursing only twice a day. 

When I got pregnant with Keira I invested in a double electric pump, but didn’t set my heart on nursing like I did previously.  I didn’t buy any nursing clothing or bras, I figured it would be a waste of money if nursing didn’t work out for us.  To my surprise Keira nursed and supplemented with formula and pumped milk until she weaned just before she was a year old.  As the weather changed and we began going out more and more I found not owning a nursing bra was making our public nursing sessions pretty hard.  I began scrambling at different stores looking for a nursing bra and what I would find left me feeling old, unattractive and no where near sexy.  On top of it all it was next to impossible to find a nursing bra with underwire.

elle-nursing-bra-1jadeundiesAfter finding out I was pregnant with Kaylee I began looking into nursing bras again, hoping I could find something that was functional, but still made me feel sexy.  In my search I stumbled upon review after review about PassionSpice Maternity and Nursing Wear.  Since discovering the line the name has changed to Stylin’ Momma and now includes many other items not just maternity and nursing wear.
IMG_0727Katy was amazing enough to give me the opportunity to review the Elle Underwire Nursing Bra in aqua and matching Jade Bikini.  As soon as I saw them both in person I was in love.  Not only was the 80% poly/20% spandex blend of the material comfortable, it was light (felt like I wasn’t even wearing it) and had amazing stretch to it, I also didn’t need to worry about when Kaylee would decide to pull on the bra.  The color is simply beautiful and deeper blue accents really make the set stand out.  The bra straps are easy to adjust and I found it easy  getting a perfect fit for me.  The inner half cups and underwire really help to give me a little extra lift without being over the top, I am a mom after all.  The nursing clasps are easy to attach and detach to quickly nurse on the go and cover up when you are all done.  I had no issues with doing it one-handed while trying to juggle a squirming baby and never once has it stuck like some of the other nursing bras I have tried.  The bikini panties also made of the same 80% poly/20% spandex blend and really hugged my bottom.  I found them to be the perfect combination of form fitting, but not too tight and still allowed for them to be breathable.   I was quite surprised (in a good way) at the overall comfort of this beautiful set.  I could easily nurse again while still feeling sexy.
giselle-babydoll-1I am happy to say that Kaylee is 3 weeks away from turning a year old and we are happily still nursing with the Elle nursing bra still in heavy rotation.  Recently at a family birthday party I got several compliments on how pretty the bra is.  I am beyond grateful and thankful to Katy for giving me the bra and panties for review as they truly are amazing and sexy all in one.  Stylin’ Momma also offers beautiful maternity lingerie as well as other accessories including baby carriers and nursing covers.  You can also find Stylin’ Momma on Facebook and Twitter.

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You can buy the amazing set I reviewed, as well as other maternity and nursing lingerie and other accessories at Stylin’ Momma. 

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Birthday Parade: Mommy Like–Scentsy Fragrance Foam Review & Giveaway

SheriScentsy150x200I have always been a girlie, girl.  I like pretty smelling soaps, lotions and candles, dressing up and just a random day of pampering at the salon.  It comes as no surprise that I would love a fragrance foam that is also antibacterial.  With three little girls constantly touching things I needed something that smelled pretty, but helped fight off the germs.  Sure I can use hand sanitizer, but where is the fun in that?  Most smell of plain alcohol or a light aloe scent and in my opinion too boring for me.

Independent Consultant Sheri Carpenter stepped into my rescue.  She really knows her stuff too.  I couldn’t decide on a scent, with holidays and birthdays filling my head my mind was at a blank on what I wanted for myself.  It had been quite some time since I thought about something I wanted, but such is the life of a mom.  Sheri was great to work with and I told her I like fruity and warm/baking (vanilla, cookies, spices) smells and left the final decision in her hands.

IMG_0979When my package arrived I tore it open like a little girl on Christmas morning, heck I don’t even think my girls got this excited over opening their gifts.  I was amazed, Sheri hit the nail on the head and sent me a Black Raspberry Vanilla Fragrance Foam.  It was exactly what I would have ordered for myself if I had a working brain at the time.  Of course I had to try it right away (in hiding because Keira, like mommy, loves scented stuff) and it was love at first smell.  Before I even had a chance to pump some onto my hands I could smell it, not too over powering and not too light that you couldn’t smell it at all.

Finally I pushed the pump and couldn’t believe how light it was on my hands.  I came to the realization foam is 100 times better than heavy liquid hand sanitizer.  I could smell it on my hands, feel the softness, but didn’t feel like I needed to dry my hands after putting it on like I usually do with hand sanitizer.  I also love that it is alcohol free and kill germs, so I ended up caving and sharing with Keira… BIG MISTAKE because she tried to steal it from me.  Every time she sees it now she wants to put some on her hands and I really have no worries about it because it is non-drying and keeps her little hands germ free and smelling pretty.

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The Fragrance Foam is available in 5 amazing scents; Black Raspberry Vanilla, Coconut Lemongrass, Cucumber Lime, Havana Cabana and Lucky in Love and can be purchased for $6 from Independent Consultant Sheri Carpenter as well as other amazing Scentsy products.  For the month of February there is 10% to help make way for the Spring/Summer line!

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Happy Birthday Keira!

Three years ago today at 8:51pm, weighing 7lbs, 7oz and 20 inches long you arrived.  Deciding a day before mommy’s scheduled c-section your little love bug self made your debut.  Since your birth you have lived up to your birthday and nickname showering everyone with hugs and kisses and having a love of cuddling.  In three years I have watched you grow to become an amazing little lady.  You and I have a special bond and often stay up watching movies at night after everyone else has fallen a sleep.

To my middle drama queen, my CareBear, we hope your birthday is as special as you wish.  You are a great big sister to Kaylee, who loves and adores you.  You always put a smile on her face and give her the most amazing cuddles.  You are an even greater little sister to Khloe.  You let her win all the fights (even though we all know you can win) and give in to her whenever she wants a toy you have.  You share with her when you don’t want to and love her even when she is throwing a tantrum.  You are a blessing to daddy and I and we look forward to all the years to come.  Continue to be you, making us laugh with your silly stories and off the wall one liners.  Continue to cherish your sisters, you are the most important, the middle of the cookie, the glue that holds it all together.  We love you little miss CareBare.

NewbornKeiranewborn-21 YearKeiraage12 YearsKeiraage23 Yearskeiraage3keiraage3-2

Birthday Parade: Everyone Like – So Fudge Brownie Mix from Wildtree with Amanda

IMG_0638Who doesn’t love chocolate?  Especially when in brownie form!  The Drama Queens have a major brownie addiction.  I am always looking for easy to prepare brownies without any over the top ingredients… care to explain what Maltodextrin, Modified Corn Starch, Medium Chain Triglycerides, Natural and Artificial Flavor is to me?  I shouldn’t need to look up half of the ingredients online to determine what I am giving my children.  To my surprise (and love) when I picked up the O’ So Fudge Brownie Mix from Wildtree with Amanda I was pleasantly surprised to read the ingredients;
Sugar, Unbleached Enriched Wheat Flour, Natural Cocoa, Baking Powder (monocalcium phosphate, bicarbonate of soda, corn starch), Vanilla Powder.  How simple is that?  Though my next question, how easy will they be to prepare?

IMG_0643Since I was on camera duty this particular night hubby decided to do the mixing and it was pretty simple and like any store bought mix.  Even the non-baker can easily follow the instructions to make these brownies.  Within a few minutes I was loading up my cute Wilton brownie pop pan and IMG_0652(couldn’t find my square pan) round cake pan with the mix.  Placed them in the oven (sorry I forgot to copy down how long they bake for before we tossed out the package) and sat back taking in their aroma as they baked.  They smelled amazing, but how would they taste?  Would having all natural, non-progressed and no artificial flavoring make them taste bad?  I believed no, how could a mix like something you made from scratch taste bad.  Time would tell.

IMG_0654As soon as they cooled down we devoured ate them.  I decided to let Kaylee try a little piece and she had the cutest faces as she tasted the chocolate.  The remaining Drama Queens returned for seconds (even attempted thirds) and the brownies were gone before we went to bed that night.  I really wasn’t too keen on the price at first, but when I thought about the cost to go out and buy all the ingredients to make brownies from scratch (if you only plan to make them once and never use the ingredients again) the mix is worth it.  If you want tasty brownies with a taste of homemade from scratch Wildtree with Amanda is the way to go.  By far my favorite boxed brownie mix I have tasted to date (I have tried many).
Keira’s chocolate happy face!

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You can purchase the O’ So Fudge Brownies for $7.50 and other amazing products at Wildtree with Amanda.  You can also find her on Facebook. 

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Birthday Parade: Mommy Like – OCEAN Nasal Care

Our house has always been dry and once winter hits it kills our noses. With no windows open and the dry heat from the gas stove we constantly feel congested. As a family my husband and I are both more often than not natural healing and prefer to allow stuff to run its course before turning to medication. When it comes to our little ones’ noses and congestion we often look for a saline solution or something to clear them out rather than pumping them full of medication for it to take a long time to kick in. We keep them as comfortable as possible when sick with lots of rest and fluids and treat congestion just the same.

We received the OCEAN® Premium Saline Nasal Spray, OCEAN Complete® Sinus Irrigation and OCEAN for Kids® to try and they arrived just in the nick of time!  The day they arrived my husband arrived home and complained about how dry, but congested he felt and I immediately handed him the package that had just came that day.  He tried out the Sinus Irrigation system and said he felt a difference right away, so we decided to use the OCEAN for Kids on the girls.  It was a little bit of a task to get them to hold still long enough for us to get it into their little noses.  Khloe and Keira we ended up just holding it upright and misting them and we laid Kay down to give her some drops and in a matter of minutes (and some complaining from them) they told me they could breath (well the older two, but I could hear better breathing from Kay).  Now when we get a touch of nasal congestion with our colds or I notice the girls are sounding a bit stuffy I turn to the OCEAN products to help give them some relief.

Generally I love to try products myself, but for some reason I have this fear of putting stuff into my nose (I know I put my girls through the torture, but not myself).  While I didn’t get to try it out on myself my hubby and the girls are very happy with their noses feeling the relief thanks to OCEAN!

OCEAN for Kids®

  • General moisturizing during dry climates and cold temperatures, and while spending time in enclosed spaces (e.g., classrooms, train rides, air travel, etc.
  • Relieving allergy, cold & flu symptoms
  • Relieving congestion by thinning mucus
  • Reducing nosebleeds from dryness

OCEAN Complete® Sinus Irrigationimage003

  • Two-in-one saline solution for sinus and nasal relief of congestion
  • White tip contains the saline mist for nasal moisturizing
  • Orange tip contains an even bigger saline stream for sinus irrigation
  • Pre-mixed, easy to use, and non-medicated

OCEAN® Premium Saline Nasal Sprayimage005

  • Perfect for people suffering from dry nasal passages, nose bleeds, nasal congestion, or sinusitis
  • Best-selling nasal spray “recommended by most doctors coast to coast”
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Birthday Parade: Mommy Like – Hefty® Basics

basics1 When we decided to become greener I knew that one of our biggest problems was going to be lowering and/or stopping our use of disposable dinner products like plates, cups and silverware.  Feeding a family of 5, 7 when you include my in-laws results in a lot of dishes and disposable plates and cups helped to eliminate the majority of our dirty dishes.  One plus about our disposable plate use is that we do not throw our plates into the trash, but use them in our fireplace, but I was still upset at the thought of all the trees used to make something a little simpler in our daily routine. 

One of my biggest regrets is the amount of plates used at almost any party.  More often than not we would pick out plates to match our party theme and once all was said and done we had a trash bag or two filled with used plates.  Just to match our party we generated a large amount of trash that would just be put into a dumpster at our party location.  Many facilities around here do not recycle thus resulting is massive amounts of waste, most of which was made from trees… Now let me introduce you Hefty® Basics!

When I was contacted to review the new Hefty® Basics and was given the information, I knew right away that these were the plates for us!  These new plates are free of inks, dyes or coatings and biodegradable, making them perfect for composting.  While we do not compost, I loved the idea that these plates are much greener than what we have been using over the years.  They are available in 45-count 8 5/8-inch lunch plate packages and 24-count 10 1/4-inch dinner plate packages and can be found in most stores that carry Hefty products.  My love of Hefty® Basics grew even more when I read that they have partnered with the Arbor Day Foundation to plant a tree for every 10 new Facebook
likes, so make sure you visit them and send your friends!

IMG_0515I received a package of both the 10 1/4-inch and 8 5/8-inch plates and was a little worried on how well they would hold up to the Drama Queens.  Being biodegradable and without coatings I was worried that within a matter of minutes the plates would collapse or give out under heavier foods.  Hubby and I decided to try them on Christmas Eve by ourselves.  We had ordered some Chinese food to eat while we finished up wrapping gifts and putting them under the tree.  I worried about how well they would hold up to the greasy food and sauces, but was pleasantly surprised at how sturdy they were.  Would they hold up to the Drama Queens though?

IMG_0712IMG_0710I hid away some plates and so glad I did because my in-laws loved them so much they were gone minus the hidden ones.  I didn’t get a chance to take pictures of the lunch plates, but I did get some pictures from Khloe‘s birthday where the dinner plates got the ultimate test heavy FONDANT COVERED BIRTHDAY CAKE!  I was a little scared that the girls would walk around with their plates like always.  Scared that the plates would buckle under the fondant weight and I would have cake, frosting, whip cream, strawberries and fondant all over the IMG_0717floors. Scared that I would have little girls covered head to toe in cake needed a bath instead of cake covered faces just needing an washcloth.  Imagine my joy when not only did the girls sit nicely at the table (only occasionally moving the plate onto their lap), but when they plates held up amazingly, even furthering my new found love of Hefty® Basics! 

If your family is big paper plate users like our family and trying to works towards becoming greener Hefty® Basics is definitely for you.  I even plan to use them at the Drama Queens’ big birthday bash and if you don’t mind not having matching plates with your décor I highly suggest them for your next event as well. 
I received the product/s mentioned above for this review. No monetary compensation was received by me. This is my honest opinion.