Yes, my children are almost always naked…

I often get comments on my photos on Facebook about the Drama Queens being naked in almost every picture.  Let me first start by saying it was a war I constantly lose, so I have just thrown in the towel.


I was that mother when Khloe was a baby, before the crawling phase who put her in clothing every morning and then fresh pajamas at night.  If she peed, pooped or puked onto an outfit then she was changed into something clean.  Of course when I had Khloe I also shared a house with my mother and grandmother and my grandmother was a neat freak.  I mean bleaching the bathroom at 7am (just as my mother and I would be getting up for work and gagging while trying to fix our hair and brush our teeth).  You could eat off almost any surface in our house, so I had no problem putting cute outfits onto Khloe.


When we lost our house Khloe and I moved in with hubby and his parents.  Their home isn’t disgusting, but it is cluttered and has that built on dirt that no mopping or shampooing will get rid of.  Nothing short of getting on your hands and knees, scrubbing with a toothbrush will rid this house of dirt.  It is not because we don’t clean, it is just your every day wear and tear on a very old home.  I noticed soon after moving in that clothing was being destroyed by dirt at the knees and I was constantly throwing out adorable outfits because no pretreat or stain remover did anything.


After Keira’s arrival I still dressed them through out the day, but only in pajamas unless we were going out.  By the time Keira turned 1 it was a battle to keep either girl dressed.  As they grew more and more interested in feeding themselves, having regular cups and began potty training I just gave up.  Whether they were covered from head to toe in food, paint or dirt I just could not justify spending so much money (on new clothes to replace ruined stuff), time and energy on doing a load of laundry or more a day.  Of course if we are having company or heading outside I dress them or if they say they are cold I will find them something to wear, but otherwise I no longer bother.  Even if I did bother within minutes of being dressed they are naked again or if by chance they wear pajamas to bed they either wake up and take them off or throw a fit and wake us up to remove them.


Kaylee is the only one who will remain dressed a lot of the time, but that is the problem.  For instance the other day I did 3 loads of laundry.  The first load contained her Tinker Bell night gown and luckily it dries fast so she was able to wear it, but in a matter of 10 minutes it was covered in chocolate some how and placed into a pile of dirty laundry.  In the second load she saw her Minnie pajama shirt and threw a fit until it was dry (we line dry) because she wanted to wear it.  An hour later Minnie is dry and I am hanging the next load when she notices her kitty cat sweatshirt and heart pajama pants and now is screaming for those.  Minnie gets pulled off and tossed aside (I still have not found where she put it) and sweatshirt and pants are on.  She heads up to play in their room and comes down in nothing except a diaper.  When asked where her clothes are she replies “I lost them,” and later found them under our bed covered in juice.  So you see in a 2-3 hour span on one child I went through 2.5 outfits, imagine if this was the ritual for all 3 during the 12-14 hours of the day they are awake.

Guess Kaleb’s Statistics Amazon Giveaway!

I’ve decided to have a little fun.  Kaleb is due on May 10th (May 13th by ultrasound) and I wanted to do something fun for my readers.  From today until April 23rd (just in case he comes early) I want you to guess when you think he will arrive and how much he will weigh and how long he will be.  If I deliver before April 23rd, which is highly unlikely, I will close the giveaway early before posting all his stats and still pick winners that were the closest.  If I don’t go before the close date as soon as he is born I will share all his details and once we are home from the hospital I will pick 4 winners for $5 Amazon gift codes.  I will pick a winner for his birth date, birth time, birth weight and birth height.  If no one guesses one right I will pick someone that was the closest.  If several people guess correctly (or for instance he is 7lbs and no one guesses that, but 4 people guess 7lbs 1oz I will do a random pick).  If someone guesses 2 or more right and no one else is exactly right then that person will win all codes for their correct guesses.  So yes you can win more than one time.


Just to help you out here are the girls statistics.

Khloe: Due 1/18/07, born 1/12/07 at 39w1d (induced), 6lbs 15oz, 19.5″

Keira: Due 2/28/08, born 2/14/08 at 38w (repeat c-section, but was contracting), 7lbs 7oz, 20″

Kaylee: Due 3/07/10, born 3/14/10 at 41w (VBA2C attempt, ended in repeat), 7lbs 15.6oz, 20.5″


Post your guess in this format






This way I can easily go through each guess and pick the winners. Good luck, can’t wait to read everyone’s guesses.

I want to be that blogger…..

I’ve been called a Cookie Cutter or Susie Homemaker, which is partly true.  It is the side of myself I share on my blog, but it is not all of me.  While I was and have always been the Goodie, Goodie of the group that isn’t all there is.  I am the goof ball and can put a truck driver to shame.  I have no problem dropping an F Bomb in a regular conversation and you can often hear my sister and I calling each other some pretty crude things out of love.  Sure I was never there breaking into a warehouse to smoke pot or shop lifting that cute lipstick.  I never broke the law, I was in before curfew and when I was told to do something by someone with authority I generally did it.  I skipped school once and feared being caught all day.  I did ultimately drop out of school, but that is a whole story for another day and had nothing to do with grades or not liking school.


Yes I am the mom I portray myself out to be here.  I do craft with the girls, I do cook meals, I do try to be greener, we do bake together and we do hope to homeschool.  We rarely go out without the girls and the few times we have we hate being away from them and often cut our time out to rush home to them.  The side I don’t share isn’t just because I want to appear to be the perfect wife and mother, but because I don’t feel like dealing with the backlash from some of our family and friends.  We do allow our girls to have Burger King, lunch is usually something fast like frozen chicken nuggets or left overs and we rarely sit together for dinner as a family.  The girls have soda (though I am not happy with it, sometimes it might be all we have in the house and I refuse to have them drink tap water), they prefer juice and now only drink milk if it has chocolate in it.  Breakfast some days might only be Poptarts, cereal or cream cheese toast, while other days it might be eggs and pancakes.  I am that mom yelling at her screaming children in the store as they throw tantrums or run around and have even gone so far as to have hubby sit with them in the car while I finished shopping.  They have no set bedtime.  8pm doesn’t come with lights out, stories and children tucked into bed ready for sleep.  I do spank them because some days telling them no just doesn’t work.  As much as I don’t want to do it, when no isn’t working and they are stabbing each other with pens or beating each other with whatever toy is closest you sometimes have no choice.  You can often find the younger two standing at least 10 feet from the oldest with butter knives.  They have no intent of stabbing her or even getting closer, but know that it causes her to flip out and scream “they’re going to cut my skin off and make me bleed.”  They know what bothers each other and purposely do everything to torment each other.  Sure at times a “no, stop” works, other times a time out will, but sometimes when they are putting themselves into danger and say climbing the shelves in their room a spank is all that works (and even then it doesn’t always).


There have been days I want to rant, vent and complain about family, friends and just every day life of being a SAHM.  There are people I would love to bitch out on here or just be able to get some stuff off my chest, but I hold back.  I know there are several that stalk my blog waiting for me to slip up so that they can run back and share links to the specific post and cause an all out war.  There are some we are stuck with, have no choice to associate with and just love creating problems for everyone.  My issue is I am a people pleaser.  Even if I am not particularly fond of a person, if I know they are going to be stuck in my life I am nice to them or at the very least deal with them and not speak more than a few words to them.  I hate conflict and avoid it at all costs.


I want to be that blogger.  The one that just lets loose, vents about everything that bothers them.  To call someone out or even just call the Drama Queens little demons.  I want share all of me, but to do so would not even touch those that have done wrong or pissed me off.  At the most it would cause hubby and I to argue and be at each other because we know for right now there isn’t much we can do.  So I guess for now I will just continue blogging the same, but continue to wish I could be that blogger.

Intact or Circumcised?!?!?!?!

I grew up in a family of mostly boys, circumcised boys at that.  When I began filling out all the paperwork when I was pregnant with Khloe I just went ahead with consenting to it.  I figured the rest of the boys are so might as well keep him the same.  As luck would have it she was a girl.  Six months later I decided to sign the form yet again and as luck would have it she too was a girl.  By this point I was on many mommy forums and had met all different families and introduced to many parenting styles.  I learned to research more, know all my options and make informed decisions.  It was through this that I did attempt a VBA2C and will attempt one again (and hopefully succeed this time with Kaleb).


After many hours and days of reading both sides of facts, health studies and everything relating to intact and circumcised boys hubby and I made the decision to leave our son as he is at birth, intact.  We feel that unless medically necessary it is purely a cosmetic procedure (before you judge know that my hubby is circumcised) and we just feel we want Kaleb to be whole.  I do not try and make parents leave their sons intact, I am not an intactivist and I do not make rude comments or think of you differently if you make the decision to circumcise.  I will however answer questions, share articles that I have found on my own or have had shared with me.


I am hurt though by how many of our friends and relatives have reacted to our decision to leave Kaleb intact.  My mother and mother in-law both insist we are horrible for leaving him.  They keep telling us that it is going to be dirty, he will get infected and it is not nice looking.  I try to explain to them our thought process, all the research, share statistics and still they keep trying to push us into the other direction.  It upsets me to think that they cannot let us parent how we want to and insist we are doing it wrong.


So my question is whether you have a son, are about to have a son or if you were to have a son what direction would you go in?  Do you think whatever your decision would be that you would have negative comments from family and friends?


Feel free to share and debate away, just lets keep it civil and no bashing.

How To: Princess Center Pieces

I have had a few people ask how I made the center pieces for the girls’ birthday ball.  Unfortunately because I didn’t believe they would so popular I didn’t take pictures as I went along.  I will list all materials and possible substitutes.  If you scrapbook, like myself,  you might have many of the items you need within your supplies.  I also used my Cricut for many of the cutouts, but you could easily use a stencil or a printed image used as a template.  Many of the items can be purchased at the $1 Store, Target and/or Walmart and can be found in smaller packs because many of the items we purchased in bulk because they would be used in several different ways.  Each center piece cost around $6-8 because I had many of the scrapbooking items in my craft supplies.


Materials (for 6 center pieces)

Mini Tin Pails

Floral Foam

Foam Hearts on a Stick

Star Wands


Wooden Dowels

Center Piece Balloon Weights


Curling Ribbon

Coordinating Scrap Papers


Cricut Cartridge, Once Upon a Princess

Spray Adhesive

Photo Paper

Glue Gun


Preparing the tin pails

You can skip this step if you are using the center pieces for an older child’s or adult’s party. I did this because I knew I would have many little kids and didn’t want the entire thing to be tipped over and fall apart.

The foam blocks came in four packs of rectangles and didn’t quite fit into the tin pails.   We used the bottom of the pail and traced onto the foam and then cut it to fit.  Once all 6 were completed we hot glued them to the inside bottom of the pails.  At this time we also attached the center piece balloon weights on top of them foam with hot glue and set them aside to dry.


Ribbon Lining Wooden Dowels

First determine how many covered dowels you will need. I used 5 per center piece (K, 2, 4, 5 & the picture) for a total of 30. I picked out coordinating ribbon in the color scheme (most came from Target $1 Spot and were already coordinating). Once you have determined what ribbon you would like to use measure it to fit the dowels leaving an inch open at the top and bottom of the dowel (this will make it go into the foam easier on the bottom and the top inch will be covered by your cutouts) and cut the amount you will need for all your dowels.

Place a dot of hot glue an inch from the end of the dowel and attach your ribbon. Begin wrapping your ribbon around the dowel hot gluing every so often and finish by securing the ribbon an inch from the bottom with hot glue.  When all your dowels are complete put them aside to dry.



This is where you can get creative.  I started by selecting all the 12″ x 12″ scrapbooking papers I would like to use and with spray adhesive I attached them to the cardstock to make them a little more sturdy.  Once dry I found the crown cutout within the font selection on my Once Upon a Princess cartridge and set to cut them at 4″ selected fit to page cutting 4 per sheet.  Next I decided what I wanted each to say (I picked K for the girls’ names and then their ages 2, 4 & 5), selected the characters and set the size to 2″ and again fit to page (I forget, but I think I got 6 of each per page, but I may have cut two sheets).  I then used spray adhesive to attach the letters to each crown and also set them aside to dry.

If you do not own a Cricut and/or the Once Upon a Princess cartridge you can easily find a crown image online (or any image depending on your party theme) and resize it and then print it out as a template.  You could also find a stencil of whatever shape you’re looking for and use that.  I only used the Cricut because I already own it and it saved time.


Photo Image

I love graphic design and digital scrapbooking so I knew I wanted to add a little something personal to the center pieces.  If you are not so graphically inclined you could print out a picture.  For my image I used several freebie items from Delicious Scraps (Doodled Frame, Hearts Doodle Template and the Essentials Overly Sampler) and designed the cute little image and printed it onto 4″ x 6″ photo paper.



Begin by hot gluing your dowels to each of the cutouts and photos.  We also added a strip of white cardstock over the back to hide where we connected the dowel.  Set these aside to dry.

Take your foam hearts and star wands (or whatever you are using) and begin sticking them into the foam.  If you want to make them a little more secure you can put a dot of hot glue where they meet the foam so they can’t be pulled out too easily.

Your cutouts and photos should be dry now so you can insert those into the foam as well.  I decided to hot glue the photo graphic into the center of the balloon weight.  Now that it is all assembled you can poof out your balloon weight and attach your balloons.  Also if you see foam showing you can put in some confetti or plastic grass to hide it.


If you have any questions feel free to contact me, otherwise have fun and be creative.  Feel free to use my design as a guide, but create your center pieces to fit your party theme.

Introducing NOVICA & Giveaway

Have you heard about NOVICA?  NOVICA is a fair trade artisan website that works with National Geographic to provide artisans around the world a place to express their artistic talents and access to the world market.  They offer thousands of unique gifts, jewelry and home decor on their website.  Everything is simply stunning, different and beautiful.


I’ve had my eyes on many of the beautiful items for quite a while now.  I love uniqueness of each item and how many of them are like nothing you would find in a local store.  You can see the love that has gone into each item and they will make the perfect gift for someone special in your life.


I have always loved Cardigans and NOVICA has a beautiful selection.  Perhaps one of my favorites is the Cotton jacket, ‘Wrap Her’ by Luisa Villavicencio (pictured left).  I especially love how light and soft it appears and that it flows beautifully.  Knitted in unbleached cotton in a beautiful ivory color, I can almost feel how it will sweep across the skin.  I can imagine this wrap paired with a simple daytime look of jeans or a casual skirt, but transform into a glamorous evening look paired with a gorgeous gown.


I have never been much into wearing jewelry, but I do like to add a little something extra to my look when I am heading out for the evening or for a special occasion.  I feel it can complete a look and often compliment an outfit just right. Silver Pendant Necklaces can be just what you need to put the finishing touches on your appearance before stepping out the door.  One of my favorite necklaces sold at NOVICA is the Amethyst pendant necklace, ‘Island Butterfly’ by Buana (pictured right).  I love how it appears so delicate and sweet for a casual afternoon lunch, but can easily add a little extra to a more dressy evening dinner.  The hint of color in the amethyst is nicely done, but not over the top.


One of my favorite things to pair with an outfit for an evening out is earrings.  NOVICA offers a beautiful selection of Amber Earrings.  I have always been a fan of a nice pair of dangling earrings and I feel in love with the Rose quartz drop earrings, ‘Pink Cascades’ by Made Sriasih (pictured left).  I think they are just breath taking and would pair up nicely with the necklace.


NOVICA doesn’t just offer clothing and jewelry, they have amazing home decor items from rugs to furniture.  It is all as stunning as the jewelry and I am sure everyone will find something that fits their style and taste.  Stay tuned for my full review of one of the amazing items sold at NOVICA.


Want to become a consultant and share the beauty with your family and friends? NOVICA Live recently launched so you can now do just that.  Starter kits are $199 and include $150 in business materials and $400 in sample products.  How much better can it be?  You can earn money while sharing NOVICA with others.  If you sign up can you please mention your learned about NOVICA Live from my blog and include my URL.

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Princesses’ Birthday Ball!

Let me start out by saying I am thrilled their party is over.  I am exhausted from planning, organizing, designing and decorating.  The Drama Queens had a blast and it really was an amazing day.  They had a ton of fun and everything looked amazing.  It was a much needed party for all three of them as they have never had a “real” party before.  Everyone had a great time and it was nice for everyone to get together for a happy event.

The funniest part of the day was when Kaylee opened a set of those foam floor puzzle pieces.  She began to unzip the bag, I told her she had to wait until she got home to open them.  She politely zipped them back up, grabbed three of her gift bags off the floor and headed to the door.  It was so cute and priceless.  If she had to wait to play at home, then she was heading home.

Happy 4th Birthday Keira!

I can’t believe how fast time is flying.  4 years ago today I went in for what I thought would be a pre-op and regular NST appointment to find I was in labor.  Rather than wait for the following morning my doctor decided to do my repeat c-section.  We had totally forgotten it was Valentine’s Day until it was mentioned.  Keira our lives up to her birthday by being very cuddly and loving.  Happy 4th birthday my sweet girl, may you have the best day and many more to come.