A little late 9 months old & Drama Queens party

Kaleb's tooth

Refusing to flash his new pearly white!

Due to being sick I am a little behind on posting an update.  Kaleb cut his first tooth (finally) back on the 26th!  It only took him 6 months of teething to have it finally pop through, now hopefully the rest won’t be as long or painful for him.  I have been trying to grab a picture of it, but he just isn’t budging.

Back on March 9th we had the Drama Queens big party and it was great, they really had a blast.  We scaled it down a ton from last year because it was so stressful to plan, plus it was more for me making up for their lacking parties before then.  Kaleb also turned 10 months that day which makes me sad because it is another month closer to turning 1.  The plus side is he really enjoyed trying everything at the party.



Hide ’em & Hatch ’em eggs review

The below is a sponsored review post on behalf of Hide ’em & Hatch ’em eggs

Hide 'em & Hatch 'em eggs
Hide ’em & Hatch ’em eggs

Hide 'em & Hatch 'em eggsEaster is fast approaching and like every year since becoming a mom I am at a loss at what to put in the Easter baskets. Sure I will put some candy, but the Drama Queens are not big on sweets that often. I could do fruits and/or veggies, but it is a holiday and I want them to get something a little special they would not normally have. Most of the stuff I find Easter related is not made well and will generally hold up to them playing with it for maybe a day and in the end is a waste of money. I like stuff they can create or a project we can do together, unique and different stuff. I was excited to learn about the Hide ’em & Hatch ’em eggs and that we would be able to try them out.

Hide 'em & Hatch 'em eggsThe eggs arrived and I had to instantly hide them until I had the chance to read the instructions and grab some pictures. The Drama Queens were super excited when they saw them and what they were. I love how simple they are as well. No special instructions just place in water and watch them crack like your pet is hatching, each day change the water and in three to four days your pet will fully grow and “hatch” out of its egg. Of course this was painstaking task for them having to wait for them to fully hatch, but each day (several times) they would check on how their eggs were doing. By the third day they just could not wait anymore and had to get at them and took them out of their not fully hatched eggs. You can keep them in longer once they hatch for them to grow up to 10x their size. Once hatched remove the pet and rinse it off (it will be a little slimey) and either play with it or place it back into water for it to grow larger.

Hide 'em & Hatch 'em eggs

Hide 'em & Hatch 'em eggs

As you can see they could not wait for them to fully hatch

The Drama Queens opted to play with their pet and each made a cute little bed for it to sleep in. I am sure tomorrow they will ask to put them back into water to watch them grow more and probably take them out within minutes because they want to play with them, but I love watching them have so much fun with them.  I am glad they now have something Easter/Spring related that is not candy and was a fun activity we could all do together and watch as they hatched and can’t wait to look forward to them growing bigger.

Hide 'em & Hatch 'em eggs

Buy Them

Hide ’em & Hatch ’em eggs are available on Amazon currently for $9.95 and you can still get them in time for Easter with one-day shipping. Of course they are great anytime and not just for Easter if you can’t get them in time.

Tuesday’s Toddler Tales Week 10

Tuesday’s Toddler Tales Week 10

Toddler Tuesday

Welcome to the ninth week of Tuesday’s Toddler Tales linkup hosted by Shannon from Mommy of One and Counting and myself. Each week we will bring you topics toddler related. Each week you can link up with us to share your toddler tales on our topic of the week.

How do you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?

We don’t really celebrate the holiday right now.  I am hoping in the future we will attend the big parade in South Boston.  Right now between the weather and the kids still being so small it is hard to really do the parade because they often don’t want to stay still that long or need to use the potty.  Since Kaylee’s birthday is just days before we have just been focusing on her birthday rather than the holiday.  This year I had intended to make some green food like eggs and cupcakes, but I was so sick still I did not get the chance.  We do usually have boiled dinner as well, but again this year I was just too sick to even do that.  We did however have it a week or so before as well as cake on the 14th for Kaylee’s birthday.


Check back next week for Things you never thought you would say?

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Tuesday’s Toddler Tales Week 9

Tuesday’s Toddler Tales Week 9

Toddler Tuesday

Welcome to the ninth week of Tuesday’s Toddler Tales linkup hosted by Shannon from Mommy of One and Counting and myself. Each week we will bring you topics toddler related. Each week you can link up with us to share your toddler tales on our topic of the week.

Funny toddler habits

I often find much of what the girls do to be funny.  However Kaylee has gotten on this mustard kick (I blame hubby) and has to have it with almost everything.  Chicken nuggets, fries, tater tots and eggs to name a few.  She also won’t wear the same pair of undies for a full day (most of the time) and will change them (as well as what she is wearing) several times a day.  If she spills a drop of anything on her she is dirty/wet and needs something new.  Oddly enough she was the same as an infant, even when she was barely wet (think changed less than 30 minutes earlier) she would scream until she was changed because she needed to poop in a clean diaper.


Check back next week for How do you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?

Tuesday’s Toddler Tales Week 8

Tuesday’s Toddler Tales Week 8

Toddler Tuesday

Welcome to the eighth week of Tuesday’s Toddler Tales linkup hosted by Shannon from Mommy of One and Counting and myself. Each week we will bring you topics toddler related. Each week you can link up with us to share your toddler tales on our topic of the week.

What mommy does for fun

Since becoming a mom anything fun for me seems to be related to the kids.  However I do enjoy reading when I get the chance.  I also love writing, which is what initially why I started this blog.

Paper and digital scrapbooking.









Crafting of any kind



Creating stuff






Check back next week for Funny toddler habits

Sparkle Farms Bloomer Shorts review and discount

Sparkle Farms logoSparkle Farms packagingAs a mom of three girls I have tried my hardest to teach them to sit properly while wearing a skirt or dress.  Of course it would be my luck as a girlie girl I would have tomboys for daughters.  Sure they love to dress up, but they prefer to sit legs wide open.  They are also at that age were they love to run, jump, twirl and flip often giving everyone in the area a glimpse of their undies.  If only there was a way we could compromise.  I could allow them to dress in all the pretty dresses and skirts they have, but still maintain some modesty when performing their acts.  Or is there?

Keira and Kaylee birthdayI nearly jumped at the chance to review Sparkle Farms Bloomer Shorts.  They are very cute, discrete and will be a win for both myself and the Drama Queens.  As luck would have it the bloomer shorts arrived just moments before we headed out the door for the girls’ big birthday bash.  The bloomer shorts came in a super cute bag (Keira has been using it as her handbag) and the girls were super excited about them (perfect timing and smiling mom) and each instantly picked out a color.  We received A Girls Rule! in a size 5 (Khloe wears either a 5/6 or 7/8, Keira a 4/5 or 5/6 and Kaylee a 4/5) so I was hoping since they have a nice stretch to them they would fit Khloe still and be a little big on Kaylee and was happy to see they really were a perfect fit for all three (bonus Kaylee and Keira can have them for a while still).  Of course Khloe was too excited about the party to stop and pose for pictures, but Keira and Kaylee jumped at the chance to show them off.

modeling their bloomersSparkle Farms Bloomer ShortsSparkle Farms Bloomer Shorts are available in sizes 3, 4, 5, 6, 7/8, 9/10, 11/12 and 11 different colors.  With that many selections you are sure to find a size and color pair/set to match any skirt, dress or tutu.  Made from 95% cotton and 5% spandex the bloomer shorts are super comfortable, form fitting and will maintain their shape after many washes.  A cute added little flare is three little sparkles on the bottom front of the left leg.

Buy It

Sparkle Farms Bloomer Shorts Sparkle Farms Bloomer Shorts

Bloomer Shorts are available on the Sparkle Farms website in single pairs and sets of 3.  Starting at $13.00 per pair or sets of 3 at $25.00 (regular price is $39.00).  Allowing you to find a set to match any special outfit.  They also offer free shipping on orders over $50.00. For $5.00 off use the discount code sahmofdramaqueens good until 12/31/13.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Tuesday’s Toddler Tales Week 7

Tuesday’s Toddler Tales Week 7

Toddler Tuesday

Welcome to the seventh week of Tuesday’s Toddler Tales linkup hosted by Shannon from Mommy of One and Counting and myself. Each week we will bring you topics toddler related. Each week you can link up with us to share your toddler tales on our topic of the week.

What’s in your diaper bag

There is also a ton in my diaper bag.  It varies depending on who I am going out with and where.  Usually I have at least a change of clothes for Kaleb, but sometimes for all four kids.  Then I generally have four diapers, wipes, a wet bag, nursing cover and various other items.  I also have probably six or more diaper bags (I have an addiction) so that will also vary on what I am carrying.

Above is taken from the Daddy Scrub diaper pack. Inside there is Captain Calamari (Lamaze toy), camera toy, pajamas, two blankets, 3 diapers, diaper cover, nursing shawl, Babylegs, wipes, bottle of water, three pens and my phone.

The above pictures are from our Diaper Dude bag, which until I got my Ju Ju Be bags was used weekly when Kaleb and I went to our breastfeeding group.  In it there is two books, two hats, onesie, pants, diaper, wetbag, extra socks, Baby Hawk, nursing shawl, two blankets, diaper, wipes, burp cloth, bib, Happy Creamies (also Happy Puffs not picture), my wallet and two toys.

As a mom to four I have mastered packing one or two bags for multiple children and how to maximize space.
Check back next week for What mommy does fun

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UGLee Ergonomic Pen review and giveaway

UGLee PenRed UGLee PensI like to stock pile have a good supply of pens.  The Drama Queens have a habit of stealing my pens, so when I need one I am often scrambling to find one.  With my arthritis and what I assume is carpal tunnel from years of computer use it is often hurts to write more than a line or two.  Shortly into a letter or form I can feel my hand cramping and locking up, so I was very excited to try the UGLee ergonomic pen.  When they arrived I fell in love with their look.  I received the red barrel and really liked the color.  The comfort gel grip is a deep grayish color with sparkles which really give it a nice feminine touch.  I am not sure how I would describe the gel grip, it almost reminds me of those squishy/stretchy balls you find in gumball machines at the grocery store.  Whatever the material is it really is comfortable and has a nice, soft grip, which has really helped.  I didn’t find my hand tiring as early with regular pens without a grip.

Drama Queens UGLeeThe pen is very lightweight at just 11 grams, which is a great bonus in helping to keep my hand from tiring so fast.  I have tried other comfort pens in the past, they have been great in comfort, but lacked is writing smoothly.  UGLee has been able to combined both comfort and seamlessly smooth writing in one amazing pen.  Since receiving the pens they have been all I reach for.  Whether I am making out a shopping list or filling something out I always have one close.  There is one in the drawer below my computer, one always in the diaper bag and one in my purse.  I can not imagine using another pen again and I have gone to extreme measures overly hiding them under stuff in the drawer or within pockets the Drama Queens don’t know about so they won’t disappear on me.  Once the Drama Queens begin using pens while homeschooling (of course not for a few years) I am going to be sure they use UGLee.  Though because of the soft and comfortable grip and it’s weight it might come in handy as we work on teaching them to properly hold a pen/pencil and writing a little more legible.

I received the pens in blue ink, which is my preferred color.  UGLee Pens come standard with a super-smooth, bold, black ink, however you can purchase a 10 pack of refills in black, blue or red ink.  They offer a nice variety of barrel colors; red, pink, white, yellow, green, blue and gray and are regularly $30 for 3, but are now only $19.99.

Drama Queens UGLee
You can order your UGLee pens on their website or win one right here!
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Personalized Family Manifesto Review and Giveaway

Personalized Family ManifestoFamily ManifestoI have been slacking in the decorating department.  There is not a single thing on our walls.  No pictures, no cute prints, no collages…. nothing.  I have all kinds of stuff to decorate the walls, but I just can never seem to find the time or something cute to compliment everything.  I have wanted something personal, sharing our love as a family to tie in our beautiful memories captured forever in print.  I want something that suited our love, devotion and friendship as a family.  Something that wasn’t religious as we are not a religious family, but to share the deepness of our love and bond.  Life Manifestos provided exactly what we were looking for in their personalized Family Manifesto.

Personalized Family Manifesto

We are best friends. In our home you are loved, wanted, appreciated, and cherished no matter what.   You are safe to be vulnerable. To be silly. To vent your frustrations. To share your emotions, struggles, and embarrassments.   We encourage you to dream big, and we do everything possible to make your dreams come true.   We give you confidence to venture into the world and get knocked down. Come back to us. We comfort, heal, and strengthen you. And whisk you back out the door with a smile on your face, the dream glistening in your eyes, courage beating in your heart.   We believe in you. We’re on your team. In your corner. Your biggest fans. Cheering our hearts out for you to reach, strive, leave it all on the field, become who you were born to become.   We are family: united, unbreakable, eternal.

© Copyright by Life Manifestos, LLC. Written by Stephen Palmer.

Traverse Family Manifesto
Traverse Family ManifestoI instantly fell in love manifesto.  It puts into words everything we strive to be as parents and hope for our children.  Regardless of how upset or angered we might be we want our children (and each other) to their problems.  To not allow frustration to become bottled up, to know that whether big or small, bad or good we are all here for one another.  The manifesto covers every aspect we want to instill in our family bond.  The icing on the cake was that it is personalized featuring our name.  To show that we put thought into our choice rather than picking out a random poster at the store.  We are after all the Traverse Family!

You can purchase your own Family Manifesto from Life Manifesto’s website and receive free personalization ($10 savings) using coupon code UNITEDFAMILY or you can win your very own personalized Family Manifesto right here.
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I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Daddy Scrubs Daddy Diaper Pack Review and Giveaway

Daddy Scrubs
again for the win in new dad gifts!  I am a hoarder collector of baby gear .  Having four children I have accumulated numerous diaper bags, but none have worked for us.  We have yet to find one that features comfort, style and gender neutral (i.e. hubby would prefer not to carry a pink floral bag).  He is not a big fan of messenger straps or handbag style handles because he likes to have his hands and arms free (he is usually pushing or wearing Kaleb while juggling one of the Drama Queens).  We’ve not found something that contains the comfort, design and space for everyone that we want and need.  A simple day out can often include snacks, bottles, water bottles, containers of formula, up to four changes of clothes, cloth diapers, wipes, a wetbag, toys as well as our stuff like wallets, cell phones, house keys, nursing cover and carrier. If only there was a bag that would work for both of us and fit all the stuff for our children or is there?

Daddy Diaper PackThe instantly won us over the second we received it (to make great expectant father gifts pair it with an I’m The Daddy Water Bottle or Bottle Sleeve).  At first I thought it looked like it was really big, but once I actually wore it I didn’t it find it much larger than backpacks I had worn in school.  Of course I had to try packing it right away (once everyone was a sleep), having limited items because most of our diapers were in the wash and I didn’t want to go upstairs I grabbed whatever I could find.  I was shocked at how much it could hold.  I was able to fit in my glasses, a bottle of water, three diapers, diaper cover, wipes, two good size toys, babylegs, three pens, nursing cover, a pair of pajamas, receiving blanket and my phone.  I could easily have fit an outfit in there for each of them, the wetbag, both our wallets, formula, bottles, an additional bottle of water and probably more.

I love that there are two separate larger pockets in the main part of the bag.  This way I can keep stuff like little containers with formula away from clean clothing or if I have soiled, dirty items or the wetbag I can place it separate from clean stuff.  For these pictures I had the two toys and blanket in one section, then my nursing cover, diapers, diaper cover, babylegs, wipes and pajamas in the other section.

Next I tried out what I like to call the parent pocket, which is a great space for all our stuff without having to fumble through various children’s items.  I put in three pens and my phone.  There was still a lot of space for other stuff like your keys, wallet and even a mesh section you could just put money and cards in without having to carry your wallet.  I could easily see hubby’s wallet as well as my smaller one fitting in this section as well as both our phones if needed.  There is also a zipper section behind two smaller pockets (you can see my phone in one, the other is to the right section visible in the picture to the right) for additional items.  I love that the pockets are fleece lined so I don’t have to worry about scratching the screen on my phone (though I would probably turn it inward to avoid anything touching it inside the pocket).  There is a nice spot for up to three pens you can see above as well.

Both sides of the bag have a mesh pocket to hold bottles of water or additional baby bottles if you need to.  In hubby’s case it would be a can of Monster or a sports drink and when the girls are with us probably a bottle of chocolate milk or some juice.  I love this option because you can keep liquids away from the rest of the stuff and not have to worry about something accidentally opening and spilling all over stuff.

On the front of the bag there is an insulated cooler pocket.  This is great on hot days to carry some snacks that need to remain cool or on a cold day when you are trying to keep a baby bottle of hot water warm.  It is a good size pocket too, I could easily fit a sandwich sized container in here filled with some of our favorite snacks like fruit or veggies and dip.  I can also probably fit four fruit and veggie pouches in this section for a quick and healthy snack for each of the children.  Of course if you are not bringing snacks you could put something else in here, I have put in a pack of Boogie Wipes for easy access when someone has a runny nose.

There is another great pocket just above the parent pocket.  It is also fleece lined and a great location and size for sunglasses.  You could also put something here you might not want to get scratched, but need to get at fast and easy.  It could be a nice spot for an MP3 player or handheld game system like a PSP or DS.

Daddy Scrubs also included three straps with clips (skater straps) that not only allow you to clip stuff onto it (think pails, sandals or even a wetbag full of dirty/wet clothing), but it also makes me feel safe clipping the one on my chest.  This way someone would really have to struggle if they were trying to steal the bag.

Everything inside the bag and still a lot of room.

We used the Daddy Diaper Pack last weekend for the Drama Queens’ birthday party.  Hubby and I were walking with Kaleb to the party after packing the girls and all the party stuff into the car.  We realized after that we had left the coffee creamers out of everything so we put them into the two side mesh pockets.  Inside there was four diapers, both our cell phones, four changes of clothing, four diapers, wipes, snacks for Kaleb, the house keys, hubby’s wallet, pens, invitations to Kaleb’s party, Boogie Wipes, babylegs, two receiving blankets, an extra jacket for Kaleb, nursing cover, our Baby Hawk carrier, a spare pair of socks and a hat.  I think there may have been more, but it was a long day and of course I forgot to take pictures.  I love it because I could easily see myself or hubby heading out with this bag and all four children without needing a second bag (we have gone out with two and three bags to have everything we need) on top of leaving the bottom of the stroller empty for other stuff.

You can purchase the Daddy Diaper Pack ($69.95) and other great daddy to be gifts on the Daddy Scrubs for 10% off using code BLOG13 or enter for your chance to win one of your very own right here.

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