Breakfast on the go with Quaker Breakfast Shakes

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quaker (1 of 1)Ever since I returned to work part time it seems like I never have enough time in the day.  By the time everyone is awake in the morning and fed on the days I work it is nearly time for me to race out the door.  It’s usually after I get to work that I realize I fed everyone except myself.  Working in a business park my options are limited to the vending machine and an over priced coffee shop, neither have a great selection to eat and cost me more than it is worth.  Quaker Breakfast Shakes provide me with an alternative that I can quickly grab and go.  I don’t have to worry about packing something to eat, just simply grab one and toss it into my bag and head out the door. 

I got the chance to try the strawberry and chocolate shakes.  Hubby decided he wanted to try the chocolate so the kids and I shared the strawberry (by far their favorite flavor in anything).  They thought they were having a treat while I knew they were consuming Quaker whole grain oats, protein and fiber, which is great when you have picky eaters.  I am already thinking up fun ways to use the shakes outside of just a shake.  I am thinking some pops and maybe even blending them with some fresh fruit to create some amazing breakfast smoothies. 

The Quaker Breakfast Shakes are available at Walmart and right now you can use this $2 off coupon on a 4-pack of shakes.  What fun ways do you think you could use the shakes in a recipe?  Would you just drink them as is or would you whip up something fun with them?

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#FrozenKidfresh dinner and movie night

This post is sponsored by KidFresh and Disney

#FrozenKidfresh (1 of 10)From the moment the kids saw Frozen it was love.  They were constantly asking to watch it, but it was still in theaters.  They had only seen clips, music videos and ads on TV for it, but still it was love.  I won’t lie I was anxious to see it too, the soundtrack is amazing!  I was thrilled to learn about the Kidfresh and Disney collaboration for the release Disney’s Frozen Blu-ray™ Combo Pack during the month of March, Frozen Food Month.  Seriously, awesome frozen meals for the kids and Disney together?  No way could there be anything wrong about this.

#FrozenKidfresh (2 of 10)When I learned I was going to be working on the collaboration I kept my mouth shut.  It had been a while since the Drama Queens had Kidfresh meals (the small grocery store doesn’t carry them) and I knew they would go crazy waiting for them to arrive.  If I threw in that Frozen would also be joining the meals I would probably be driven to the brink of insanity with the constant asking if it came yet.  I did hint that a awesome surprise was arriving once I received the arrival date, but knew I would be working so rather than have them attack all my PR material I didn’t tell them exactly what it was.  When I got home and told them and showed them they went insane.  They called me the best mom ever.

#FrozenKidfresh (5 of 10)I decided that we would hold off until the next day to watch the movie.  I knew hubby was working that Sunday, which meant the late shift and it can be hard on the kids cause he is usually home early during the week.  I swear they woke at the crack of dawn, but I was able to hold them back until shortly after he left.  It was instant love and they watched it 2 times in a row.  They begged to watch it more, but I told them that we would wait until daddy got home to watch it again.

#FrozenKidfresh (8 of 10)Since it was his late night (he doesn’t get home until 8pm) and the kids will not eat until we are both at home on nights one of works later I decided it would be a great to have a #FrozenKidfresh dinner and move night.  They were anxious all day as they waited, but it was well worth it.  We setup a sheet on our living room floor, cooked up our Kidfresh meals, popped in the movie and all sat around enjoying dinner and a movie.  I was shocked that rather than each of them each a specific meal they all tried some of each. 

Kidfresh Disney Home Page ArtworkLooking to have your own amazing #FrozenKidfresh dinner and movie night?  When you buy any two Kidfresh meals and Disney’s Frozen Blu-ray™ Combo Pack you save $5 by mail-in-rebate.  You can find all the details and even some super cute Frozen activity sheets here.  Additionally if you check out the Kidfresh Facebook page and “like” them you can get $1.00 off coupon for their meals.  For even more fun and to celebrate the collaboration join the Twitter party on Wednesday March 19th at 8:30pm (hashtag: #FrozenKidfresh).  Want to win a Kidfresh + Disney Frozen Prize pack?  I know you do!  Follow @KidfreshFoods on Instagram a picture of your KidFresh Dinner & Disney Frozen Movie night and tag @KidfreshFoods and add the hashtag #FrozenKidfresh for a chance to win!

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My baby girl Kaylee turned 4!

I was so busy with work I forgot to post that on Friday March 14th my little miss Kaylee turned 4.  It really makes me sad that my little girl is already 4.  I could have sworn I was just waiting for her to be born.  She is such a good little girl, much better behaved than both her older sisters.  She is so kind and sweet and helpful.  She is her brother’s best friend, the two of them are just so adorable together.

Newborn Kaylee at Mt. Auburn Hospital

Newborn Kaylee at Mt. Auburn Hospital

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Zarbee’s Naturals Sleep to the rescue #MC #SleepWeek

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Zarbee’s Naturals. I received product samples and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

zarbees (1 of 1)Ever since I returned to work it has been crazy trying to get the kids to bed.  Most nights I try to be home as early as possible, but some nights I work as late as 8-9pm.  This has become a problem because while the kids might not actually be a sleep at that time, we do try to have them wound down and in bed at least.  Since I am not home at their normal wind down time, they still go about like it is the middle of the day until well after I get home.  I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that short of a few times in their lives mommy has always been home at bed time.  They go to sleep knowing that I am here and I think it is what is causing the fight.

018f61469c3211e3b39d12b0d45f6887_8Bedtime in our house has always been a combination of either really easy (for instance they are all a sleep already) or really hard (fighting sleep at 12am or waking at 3am thinking it is morning).  Usually around 8-9pm we get them to settle down and watch a movie or do something that doesn’t involve them running and jumping around.  Some nights it works without a problem and they are fast a sleep, other nights they might fight sleep until later, but stay laying down and behaving, while other nights it is insanity as we chase them around trying to get them to relax and wind down.  It always seems like those crazy nights we have to be up early the next morning and we are all fighting to get out of bed.  Now we turn to Zarbee’s Naturals sleep. 694c9afea8dc11e38e831293e346cce0_8Zarbee’s Naturals Children’s Sleep was one of the products I was most excited to try.  There are just some nights that for whatever reason everyone’s sleep routine gets messed up.  It might be because everyone is getting over being sick, or someone wakes up and wakes everyone up.  I was worried about them liking the taste.  We all know how kids are when it comes to flavored stuff, especially something they believe resembles medicine.  To my surprise they all loved the taste and didn’t fight taking it at all. 

Zarbee's_Bedtime_ChartDr Zak has some great sleep hygiene tips, I especially love the bedtime chart and sleep reward chart.  I think the bedtime chart really will get your kids to focus on the tasks at hand before bedtime, especially if they are getting to fill in their chart.  The reward chart is also nice because use it as you see fit, whether it be just doing an activity at home, getting a special snack/treat or getting a special reward you purchase.  The reward is all up to you and it helps them to want to sleep through the night because it gets them one step closer to that special something.  Like I said it doesn’t have to be something bought, for us we might use it as getting a special food item that we don’t always have.Zarbee's_Sleep_RewardsWant to try Zarbee’s Naturals Children’s Sleep with your little ones?  Right now if you use coupon code zarbeessleep at checkout you’ll get $1.50 off.  You can also get free shipping on orders over $10.

Beautiful leather charm bracelets from Penny Auctions Canada

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

I’ve had my eye on those beautiful leather charm bracelets that are really popular right now.  I really love them, but I rarely make a purchase for myself.  I like to save money and only buy what we need and a few little items here and there for the kids.  I literally had to force myself to purchase new work clothes for myself.  So you can imagine I just love finding a great deal when it comes to something I want for myself.  Penny Auctions Canada offers great auctions and daily deals that I am sure you can score something for yourself at a great price.  Bid on the items you like and try to win the bid on an amazing deal!

pacbracelet (1 of 2)I received this beautiful leather charm bracelet (love that it is purple and white) with lovely tree of life and infinity charms.  I really like how it has an earthy feel to it, but still delicate and feminine at the same time.  Hubby even loved it and wanted to steal it, but he said the purple was too girlie for him.  I would have lost it had it been black or brown so I might just have to try and win a bid to get him one.  It has a lobster clasp and is adjustable, which I like because it allows me to adjust it above or below other bracelets depending on what I might be wearing along with it.  They come in many styles that you can check out on their site and you can try to score your favorite.pacbracelet (2 of 2)Check out Penny Auctions Canada and their daily deals.  They have more than just bracelets, so be sure visit each day to see all the new stuff listed.  Make sure you check them out on Facebook as well!
I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Has it been two weeks?

I just realized that it’s been two weeks since I last posted.  This was by no means on purpose.  I have been covering for a sick co-worker which has had me at work sometimes until 8-9pm each night.  I have been exhausted when I get home and usually get the kids to bed and fall a sleep. 

I have quite a bit I need to catch up on, which I am working on now.  My co-worker is hopefully returning next week which means I should return to being a little more active.  I have a few giveaways to get posted and some more reviews as well.  Stay tuned and be sure to check them out.  I also have some personal posts in mind and even more exciting product reviews and other stuff on the way.