Computer problems

A couple days ago I noticed my laptop’s fan was really load and sounding like it was fighting to stay on.  Hubby is hoping to get it looked at this weekend depending on our finances and if Kaleb doesn’t come.  I am hoping it is not going to cost us a fortune to have it looked at because I have a lot of events and a few reviews I need to get working on.  I am on it right now, but it keeps on humming and I am very afraid it will over heat, but I had to update everyone.  I hope I can get it fixed before I have Kaleb because it is how I intended on sharing photos with all my family, friends and followers.  I will try and keep everyone posted.

Thanks for the heart attack Kaylee

Around 1pm this afternoon I ran to the bathroom, being 37 weeks pregnant hitting the bathroom every 20 minutes is almost unavoidable.  I come out of the bathroom and Kaylee says to me “I ate the battery.”  Seriously?!?!?!?! Generally she tells the truth when she has eaten something or done something bad, but there have been instances that she tells us she has ate something, but then produces it 10 minutes later laughing her little butt off.  For roughly 20-30 minutes she very seriously and without laughter told me she ate the battery so I called hubby to head home to take her into the ER.  I looked up online about swallowing button batteries and it said an x-ray is needed to be certain it has passed into the stomach and is not stuck in the esophagus.  Hubby arrives home and heads to the local clinic/health center where she has x-rays done and she did in fact swallow the battery.  Protocol for them is to call the larger Massachusetts General Hospital and have them advise what to do, which they said to head over to them.  Hubby came home to sit with the older two girls and I headed into the hospital.  They did your regular exam and then were able to get us a bed in the pediatrics ER while they figured out their next move.  Initially they told me they would need to do another set of x-rays to determine where it was and if it had moved and then put her under to remove it, which had me freaking out.  After what seemed like ages of waiting for them to come and tell me what is going on (ok it was maybe 30-45 minutes) they told me they had contacted Battery Poison Control and that protocol had changed for battery buttons (this was the first one they had in a long time) and that since it had already passed to her stomach we were ok to go home and just have to watch her poop to make sure it passes in the next 4 days or less.  So two ERs and roughly 4-5 hours later we are home and relaxing.


Kaylee did amazing when I had her, though hubby said she freaked out during the x-rays.  She was just very shy towards the doctors and nurses and got very pissed off when she was made to take off her clothes and shoes to put on a gown.  Mommy on the other hand is in severe pain because she would not let me sit down without holding her or carrying her whenever we had to walk some where.  Hopefully we will all be a sleep shortly.

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37 Weeks!!!

I am officially 37 weeks today! I had an ultrasound yesterday to check my uterus as well as an appointment with the OB. Everything went better than I expected. First the ultrasound showed my uterus in it’s thinnest spot is 3.8mm (they want to see at least 3mm) and no sign of any windows. This means I am going to be able to have a trial of labor if I go into labor before 40 weeks. I agreed with the OB to schedule a repeat c-section between 9th-11th of May (waiting to see what date is available for them). This way I know there is an end date to look forward to if he doesn’t come on his own. While I would like to try and hold out longer I know that going post dates can begin to cause more stretching of the uterus and causing windows of thinness like I had with my delivery of Kaylee.

After my ultrasound I had an OB appointment and she decided to check me and I was still closed, but she could feel his head (now I can understand all this pain and pressure). Based on the ultrasound reading they are estimating him to be around 6lbs 1oz (of course we know how off that can be), I am still expecting him to be about 8.5lbs. I just can’t believe that tomorrow he will be here in no more than 3 weeks, this pregnancy has really flown by.

I miss digital scrapbooking

I love taking photos (of course when I remember or have the time) and I used to love turning them into digital pages I could share with family and friends.  I love paper scrapbooking as well, but that takes even longer than digital.  I even designed scrap kits and designer tools for commercial use for some time, but as Khloe and Keira got older and more mobile it became harder and harder to keep up with the requirements to sell in a shop.  I won’t lie I miss it.  I loved being creative and not only selling my stuff, but just designing pages to share.  I loved meeting other designers, trading kits and being on creative teams to help promote each others designs.


The below are from challenges on Cool Scraps Digital, but I cannot remember who the designers of the kits are because it was saved on my computer before a crash.  I also have a bunch more I did on my personal Facebook page.  I am hoping once Kaleb arrives, I get a schedule down for all of us and I get my desktop back up and running I will begin designing again slowly.  I am also hoping to start designing graphics for WordPress and Blogger layouts.


Egg-O’s Recipe

The Drama Queens love eggs.  I am serious, if we would allow them to they would have eggs all different ways, every meal, every day.  Of course having to stand over stove, sweating and hugely pregnant frying or scrambling eggs gets tiring, or listening to them complain because their boiled eggs are not boiling fast enough.  Generally I try to make as many meals in the crock pot or in the oven so I can avoid having to stand for extended periods, not to mention having three girls run under and around my feet with hot pans on the stove is not something I enjoy.


For Christmas my mother in-law purchased one of those mini doughnut makers for my father in-law and as usual with every cooking gadget he gets it has gone to waste.  Sure he used it one time after it was given to him, but it has since sat taking up space on either the counter or in one of the cabinets, basically getting in the way.  Several months ago hubby comes upstairs one Saturday morning while I was sleeping in and asked if I thought the doughnut maker would cook eggs all the way through.  I thought about it for a minute or two and answered “I don’t see why not, it does after all bake dough with eggs in it.”  Now I am curious, why is he not only bugging me on what is normally my one day to relax for a couple extra hours alone and what is he up to.  Well my genius of a hubby decided to try making scrambled eggs/mini omelets in the doughnut maker.  I had to watch this disaster waiting to happen, but to my surprise not only did he keep the counter relatively clean, but he made cute little egg-0 scrambles that were perfect for the Drama Queens to eat with their fingers and dip in ketchup.  *High five hubby* you have now discovered a quick way for me to avoid the stove, serve the girls something that I don’t have to worry about letting them eat with their hands and making my morning life just a little bit easier.


Now that I have ranted on about how Egg-O’s came to be, here is how we make them.  I have yet to try adding in any veggies or cheese, but I don’t see why you couldn’t.  I would suggest mincing the veggies and cutting the eggs down to half unless you want to make a double batch.


  •  4 Eggs
  • Non-stick cooking spray


Start out by scrambling your eggs, if you like to add milk to your scramble you can (which I do when cooking them on the stove).  Spray down your doughnut maker on both the top and bottom so your eggs will not stick (our maker has 12 doughnut wells, which is perfect because each girl gets 4 Egg-O’s).  Fill each well with your eggs (avoid over filling or they will spill over the edges when cooking like mine did) and close your lid.

Now you can pretty much walk away for a few minutes.  Do the dishes, figure out dinner for the night.  Our machine has a green light that goes off when the doughnuts are done and we let them cook a minute longer than the light.  If yours has a timer then set it for whatever the setting is when you make doughnuts.  Let them sit for a minute to cool and remove.  Serve plain or with your favorite egg sauce (i.e. ketchup if you ask the Drama Queens).  They are perfect to even take when on the go in the morning.

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