Monday it begins

Monday it begins!! At 8:30am Khloe and I will be heading to the school for the first of her evaluations,  speech.  I’m not worried about her speech,  but might as well have everything evaluated and not miss anything.
I won’t lie that I’m so nervous about going. Normally hubby comes to everything with me or takes the kids on his own because of my anxiety.  He’s not good with paperwork work and discussing all Khloe’s quirks and behavioral issues as I am so my attending with her is the smarter choice.
From this evaluation I’m hoping we’ll discuss whichever will be next and then on June 10th both hubby and I have a conference at the school to go over everything.  Unfortunately I’ll have to attend alone as we have no one to watch all the kids.  No one outside the shelter program is allowed into the rooms and there is no way we can get the kids to anyone and make the conference in time.
I’m really hoping this is the beginning of moving forward and everything will become a little bit easier for all of us.

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Finally a diagnosis soon


My girl who hates her hair brushed, fights to get cleaned up and refusing to change her clothes after spilling ice cream on what's she's wearing… but she's mine and I love her just the way she is.

Finally a diagnosis soon after so many years of being told I’m crazy. Pediatricians, family, friends and more told me Khloe had nothing wrong with her. I was told she was a little over hyper and a screamer, but there was not anything out of the ordinary wrong with her.

Finally someone believes me other than hubby and a few select others. It has taken DCF and a great school system (they’re amazing and support us 100% as a homeschooling family) to get her the evaluations she so desperately needs. We’re beginning with speech,  but she will also meet with a psychologist, special education and occupational therapist and await an official diagnosis.

Finally with a diagnosis we can create a plan and figure how to safely bring her down from an outburst. We can find activities to help counteract her flip outs and give her some Khloe time. We can work together as a family with the help of everyone to figure out what does and doesn’t work for her.

Finally I can love her the way I want to, the way she needs to be without being driven to the brink of insanity.  Don’t mistake that for not loving her currently,  I’ve loved her before she was born and every day since even more. I’d give my life for her, for any of my kids, but it can be frustrating and stressful when you have a autistic (or potentially autistic) child.

Finally I can hope some of my amazing,  beautiful,  intelligent and loving Khloe will be seen by the world and not just what appears to be a child misbehaving and disobeying her parents.

Shelter Life: 6 Months


It’s been a while since I’ve posted. We’ve been here for 6 months already with little change. In December we decided we really like the area and feel there is nothing left for us in the city. Hubby has been job hunting with no luck, but hopefully he finds something soon so we can continue looking for an apartment.


Khloe turned 8 in January,  Keira 7 in February and Kaylee 5 last month. I’m sad I missed posting about their birthdays because I’ve done it every year since starting my blog. Kaleb turns 3 next month, which upsets me more that they’ve all had to be stuck here for their birthdays.


On a plus side Khloe will hopefully have a diagnosis soon. The school system is going to send a special education teacher,  occupational therapist and psychologist to meet with her and figure out officially what is wrong with her. Another bonus is we recently got to move into adjoining rooms.  The kids now have their own space and bathroom and we have the only room in the hotel with a closet (a walk-in at that) which allows for more storage.  I’ve also started selling some of my handmade items at the urging of some of the other residents. I guess one can always find the upside to everything and I’ve been really trying to see the good in all this.