Long day

What a long day. My alien children from yesterday have returned to their normal selves today. It began by hubby letting me sleep in with Kaylee since we both didn’t sleep very well last night. I came down to find Khloe and Keira had decided as usual to remove their diapers and run around buck naked and the living room we had cleaned up before heading to bed last night a litter of toys. Of course the second I come down they begin to attack me and upset Kaylee, who is already fussing because she was done with cuddling and nursing and wanted a bottle. Hubby takes Kay while I head to make her bottle and feeds her while I check some email. By the time she is done eating he has to walk up to his cousin’s house to pick up his daughter which would normally take 20 minutes at most and ended up taking a little over an hour. Upon his return he informs me that our friend Vicky (who is literally about to pop and being induced next weekend if she doesn’t deliver) is heading over to help me with all 4 girls while he goes and does some work for his aunt’s boyfriend. We of course need the money, he technically is employed and did 3 days of paid orientation, but he needs to get a physical (which they had no openings until Friday) before he can work, but today was not the day to not have him home. I wasn’t feeling too good, something was up with my elbow, all three children were cranky, I had laundry to do and I have yet to design anything all weekend since one thing or another came up leaving me unable to sit at the computer. There was no way our friend would be able to assist in wrangling these children while he went to work, on top of the fact that his oldest brother was coming to visit, so he told his aunt he couldn’t help him today. Brother in-law, sister in-law and nephew all show up, followed shortly by our friend also still coming by, which helped to entertain the girls a bit. My other brother in-law showed up and it was decided the men would take all the kids (minus Kay) to the park while sister in-law, our friend and myself (the hens as we are called) sat around and chatted. By the time they come back the girls are beyond bad and fighting with our nephew.
Brother in-law, sister in-law and nephew leave and we walk other brother in-law back to his house where we let the girls play for a bit, then headed home. Baths were given, dinner was served and the oldest 3 headed to bed with mother in-law, while I sit here now typing, Kay lays a sleep in her swing and hubby watches TV. I have a splitting headache, I want to design, but not sure how long I can pull that off with this headache. Our friend might be in labor and I promised I would be her birthing coach since hubby’s cousin is away for the night. Did I mention if she does call and hasn’t delivered by noon tomorrow that I will have to leave her to come home to Kay because hubby has to drive his daughter home? Yup so I am beyond tired and expecting a 3am call telling me to come to the hospital, luckily she has 2 children already and she has fast labors. I want my alien children back, please let whatever pod people invaded their bodies yesterday return tomorrow.

Aliens have taken over!

Aliens have taken over! Ok that isn’t what is happening, but where are my daughters? A typical day involves them waking way too early, being cranky, bratty and fighting with each other, tossing their breakfast, lunch, dinner all over the floor, not listening….. you get the picture. Today some how they were replaced with well angels. I think I had to yell maybe twice at them, they played together so well, sat at the table like little ladies eating their food and just under an hour ago we arrived home from a quickie trip to the park where Keira passed out on the floor and Khloe on the couch. They never go to bed this early (it is 9:36pm as I type this) and fight us some nights to pass out until 11pm-1am, but tonight they passed out into such a deep sleep that both slept through diaper changes, having their clothes taken off and carried up to bed. What does this mean? That I am very much slacking at designing seeing that I can get onto my desktop at a reasonable hour to do some work before I get too tired. What am I doing instead? Hunting down giveaways. I could really get used to more days like this, but typing this has probably already jinxed it.

Boring day

Today not much is going on for us, just a boring day. Hubby’s oldest daughter Arianna is here for her birthday weekend (she turned 7 yesterday), but we don’t have anything planned except for maybe a cake. Other than cake I am just doing lots of laundry, not sure where I am putting it though since these girls are spoiled when it comes to clothing and all their drawers and closet is filled. What are your plans for the holiday weekend? Any BBQs? I wish we were doing something, but with 4 kids it is a little hard to even pee, never mind attempt to get to a party. I am slacking yet again because I am supposed to be finishing up a couple digi scrap kits to upload to the store I sell at on top of wanting to write up a couple reviews of new stuff we have tried.

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I’m such a slacker!

Seriously I have been a slacker and neglecting my blog the last few days. Hubby had a job over the weekend. Nothing major just some random yard work as well as sanding and painting a porch railing for an elderly lady. Monday we went and picked up some stuff at Target and when we got home there was a message on the machine asking him to come into the job he applied for with his parents weeks ago (seriously, like right after I had Kaylee) the next morning at 7:30 for a drug test. At 10:30am we all woke up for the day and hubby still was not home, no way was a drug test taking 3 hours. Turns out they were having 3 days of orientation and asked him if he wanted to just do it now since the next one wasn’t for 3 weeks and he really needs this job like 2 months ago lol. Crappy part is I was given $100 to go buy diapers (woohoo retail therapy), but no way was I lugging all three kids to the diaper store to check out what they had. At 4pm that night our niece called and asked if I wanted to come with her to Diaper Lab! Score, hubby kept the kids and I got to shop! Our niece recently switched over to cloth and wanted to pick up a few more with some of her tax money. She had 4 BG coupons, spend $10 on BG get a AIO free, major bonus free diapers with what I planned on buying. I ended up spending $84 and got 2 BG 3.0 (Clementine and Ribbit), 2 BG AIO (Blossom & Grasshopper) size medium to put away until she grows into them (hey they were free), 2 Rumparooz (GUC Tulip w/ aplix & Amethyst w/ snaps) anda GroVia wetbag (Blackberry). I have fallen in love with this store!
It is a little hard getting used to being home by myself since hubby has been home with me since Aug. 2008 when he slipped at work. Keira was only 6 months old and Khloe was only 19 months, so it is a major change being home with a clingy 2 month old and very hyper 2 and 3 year old that have more needs than they had as babies. So I am trying to adjust and then I will be posting more. I have a few more giveaways I am planning on entering so those might be posted up very soon with links for you to enter as well. I also suggest you check out the twitter party tonight with Rumparooz. The grand prize is 12 Rumparooz diapers (yes 12), one in each of their colors. I’ll be there @SAHMofDQ so stop on over.

Kaylee the manipulator!

Earlier tonight while hubby was giving Khloe and Keira a bath I put Kaylee in the swing to see if she would pass out so I could hang some laundry. Of course she was in one of her moods and started to fuss and then full out cry. I, of course went to pick her up to see if she was looking to nurse to sleep and as soon as I got in front of her she did her usual kicking her legs like crazy and smiling. I jokingly called her a little brat and a faker to which she laughed and smiled like crazy. Since I was delaying in picking her up she began to pout and I told her to stop it, to which she began laughing again. Two months old and she already knows how to manipulate mommy. Now her new nickname is The Manipulator.

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What are they?

What are they? I can’t remember when they first appeared on Keira. I believe it was the night after we went to the park or the following night, so Monday or Tuesday. My husband said he thought they were just bites since she only had 3 of them on her legs. I just went with it, despite no one else having them when we were all in the same area. Last night I took her shirt off and she must have had 10 of them on her shoulders, back and backside of her upper arms near her armpit. We began thinking Chicken Pox, but gave her a bath as usual. After the bath couple more appeared, one on her temple another on her nose next to her eyebrow. We began to wonder if maybe it was something else since no one had mentioned having Chicken Pox and she wasn’t exposed to anyone out of our normal day to day life. We went through everything she had ate that day and the day we thought the others first appeared, but it was hard since we couldn’t exactly remember when they first appeared. She went to bed like normal and woke up like normal with no new spots and acting like her normal bratty self. Which leads me to believe it may or may not have been an allergic reaction to nuts. She has had nuts before with no issues, but she had them twice this week after not having them for quite some time. She shared a PB and Fluff sandwich with me a few nights ago and had an ice cream with peanuts on it last night. She has no fever, isn’t acting sick, no new spots since last night, is only a little itchy and is currently playing with her sister. So what do you think they could be? My camera is charging right now, but I will try and take some pics later and edit this post to put them up.

Monday Moans: I can’t exclusively nurse

I have been very educated in nursing since before I even became pregnant with Khloe. I know the basic do’s and don’ts and how to help boost your supply amongst other things. Back in January when Richie’s cousin had her son I was talking to the LC that came in to meet with her and she suggested I look into becoming an LC myself (which I might do later in life after I finish having children). What I can’t understand is why I can not exclusively nurse my own children.

Khloe was almost all formula fed with maybe one or two nursing sessions at night once I got home from work. I blame my births and the trauma and depression, as well as not being ready. At the time of Khloe’s birth Richie and I were not married or together so my mother spent close to 24 hours of induced labor with me. I have no clue why I was induced and I was so anxious to meet my little girl I just went with it. I only dilated to 4cm and was not aware I could stop the pitocin and take a break, my doctor lead me to believe a c-section was my only option. I never dreamed of having a c-section. I had always pictured myself having a natural, drug free (maybe even water) birth. I can’t complain about the c-section, I healed fast and I was moving around great by discharge, but I couldn’t nurse as easy while in the hospital. It was hard to page the nurse every time I needed someone to hand her to me. In the end my milk took forever to come in (didn’t help I was induced at 39 weeks with no sign of labor), she dropped close to that dreaded 10% weight loss and in order to leave I had to introduce formula. By the time we got home Khloe didn’t want to nurse at all and preferred having a bottle and I had to return to work so I didn’t push nursing.

Keira’s pregnancy was great, but she begin to give signs of pre-term labor. At 38 weeks my doctor decided to do a repeat c-section (the hospital I was delivering at had a VBAC ban and I was working so much I had no time to look into another provider) so I went with it. The whole ordeal was a mess and I still have nightmares from the day over 2 years later. It was decided before Keira was born that I would become a SAHM so I was prepared to work hard at nursing. Before leaving work I invested in a Medela Pump In Style, stocked up on Fenugreek and ordered the Mother’s Love Lactaction sampler. Still with all that and my milk coming in sooner Keira actually dropped the 10% weight and was only allowed home after a day of being supplemented and though she was maybe 30-40% formula fed I could never wean her off of it. I am happy to say though we stayed that way until she self weaned right before she turned 1.

Kaylee, my first attempt at a VBAC. I decided to research all over the place and finally found a great group of midwives at a different hospital that would allow me to attempt a VBA2C. I went into labor 1 day shy of 41 weeks and despite the pain loved every minute of it. In the end due to Kay’s heart being a little tacky and a anti-VBAC nurse (not the regular nurse I had through out my labor) telling me I had a window on my uterus and the pain I was feeling was a rupture happening I ended up with a repeat (this nurse also told me while being stitched up that the doctor was able to poke a hole into my uterus, my regular midwife says none of this is in my chart). I am a little upset about this, but happy I was able to have her when she wanted to come and was done baking. My milk came in the day before we left, but Kay was still near the 10% loss as well. We were allowed to leave with the promise of supplementing and having a visiting nurse. Kay is gaining well despite being diagnosed with reflux, but she is still supplementing with 2-6oz of formula a day. No matter how hard I try I can’t seem to keep her satisfied. She nurses on both sides at each feeding to the point that she is crying on the breast and spits it out every time I put it in her mouth.

I just can’t figure it out. How can one have so much knowledge, do everything they can to increase supply (I know I have no issues in making milk, the last time I pumped when she missed a feed I got 2-3oz) and not be able to exclusively nurse their child. I just want to cry. I want nothing more than for my baby to only have mommy’s milk, but that doesn’t seem to be happening.

On a happy side I strapped Kay into the carrier and headed out for a walk with my neighbor Melinda. We ended up walking for an hour and a half back and forth on the beautiful Harbour Walk at Logan Airport. It was such a nice end of the day.

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Wonderful day in the neighborhood

What a wonderful day in the neighborhood (slight sarcasm). It started off a little rocky by having a mess in the house, followed by diaper laundry and then a load of the kids clothing. Once all the diapers on the line were dry and the girls clothing hung we decided to take a long walk up to Shaws to return some movies and pick up a new one. The girls would not have made the long walk so Khloe went into the umbrella stroller and Keira went into Kaylee’s stroller and we took turns carrying Kay in the carrier. We took the long way there and back, I am beyond sore now, but happy to have so much fresh air.
On the way home we decided to swing by Carla’s house (if you don’t know that is Richie’s cousin) where tragedy almost struck and still has me shaking slightly. Carla lives at the end of a dead end street that we call the court and all the children in the area and their friends play and have for years. All the neighbors know to look out for the children since it is a dead end and they often play ball and ride bikes in the street. The court consists of maybe 10-15 houses and recently a very ignorant family moved into one of the houses. Several times they have hit people’s cars, blocked driveways and have a blatant disregard for all the other families. Shortly after arriving (Carla wasn’t home when we got there) Keira spotted Carla at the top of the court heading down and since there were no cars behind Carla Richie let her head up to meet her. All of a sudden I hear Richie screaming “stop” at the top of his lungs over and over, I couldn’t see what was happening since I was sitting on the steps nursing, but knew something was up when he ran faster than I have seen him run before. I jump up and see a car backing out of a driveway only feet from where Keira is standing and the driver is just ignoring Richie and she has her window open. After Richie had jumped in front of Keira and she was safe he started screaming at the driver, who just gave him a look and rolled up her window. There is no way in hell this woman did not hear him since the neighbor, Carla, people in the basement of the house and even some kids (half a block away) heard him screaming, she just chose to ignore him and almost hit our child.
Things finally calmed down after a little bit and some of the teens that call Richie and I their adoptive parents showed up and kept the girls company and played with them. We just all hung out talking until we decided to head home, but invited everyone back to our house for dinner. It was a nice way to end a halfway decent day and an awesome (much needed) walk.

Adventures in potty training! Also I need votes for Kaylee.

So today has been quite the interesting day. We are really starting to push potty training on Khloe. Previously she had little to no interest and noticed on days we asked her if she needed to potty she wouldn’t even alert us that she needed to be changed. While in California visiting my mom she began to show a little more of an interest when she was bribed with a Pet Shop and immediately pooped on the potty. We decided upon her return to start a potty chart on the bathroom door where the girls can add a sticker every time they use the potty and once they reach 10 stickers Khloe can get a Pet Shop and Keira can get something of similar value that she likes in the store. I picked up the stuff for this Sunday and put it up and minus Khloe getting one sticker for peeing (or so she says, we decided to believe her because we couldn’t tell since she was on the toilet and not the potty seat) they had not even tried. This morning Keira decided to strip down as she usually does and sit on the potty (without the collection part inside) and ended up peeing in it and all over the floor, but we gave her a sticker because she did what she was supposed to just without the whole potty together. Later on during the day she went with my father in-law to pick up my mother in-law and upon returning home she raced in, took of her pants and diaper and sat on the potty. At first I figured she just wanted to be naked (my children hate clothing and generally wear just diapers while home), but then she said she went potty and she had actually peed and pooped. We of course let her put a sticker on her chart, which excited her and then she had to do high fives and thumbs up with us. This excitement lead to her using it again 3 times (she wasn’t finished but kept getting overly happy after going a little that she had to get up and tell us), which got Khloe mad because Keira was able to put up stickers and she couldn’t resulting in Khloe using the potty as well. Hopefully this will repeat tomorrow because I really enjoyed not having to change so many diapers today.
Not potty related…. Kaylee is in a photo contest with a local radio station and can really use some votes. You just have to register, I believe you can opt of out emails from the station and go here. You will need to login with your email and can vote once daily for her until the 17th. I am not expecting her to get many votes, but it can’t hurt to try right?

L’ovedbaby 4-in-1 nursing shawl

This post is sponsored by L’ovedbaby

I was able to review this product in the end of 2008. This description and review are taken directly off my old blog. I still use this shawl almost every time we go out now with Kaylee since Keira weaned right before her first birthday.I have received the honor of reviewing a completely amazing product. I was checking out posts on forums and blogs last night when I stumbled onto Czianya’s blog – Czny Designs: Parenting, Designing & In Between (totally check her out) and she is having a giveaway featuring L’ovedbaby products. Of course I had to check them out, I am so into anything baby related and always looking for new stuff for my girls. When I got to the site I was just amazed and in awe at the creativity, style and design of Sharon’s products.

As I went further into the site I read on how her 4-in-1 Nursing Shawl came to be and the story behind her desire to nurse. Her story is just wonderful and she is truly one in a million. Not only has she designed a stylish product for nursing moms, but in May and October 100% of her profit from her Think Pink Nursing Shawl sales goes to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. I simply cannot wait to try the shawl with Keira and review it for you. I hope that everyone checks her out because even if you are not a nursing mom she has even more products available including her Cotton Basics Clothing. All these products are a must have whether you are a natural mommy or trendy and into the newest styles.

I made certain this time around with Keira that I would try my hardest to breastfeed. I wanted nothing more to do it with Khloe as well, but because I knew I would eventually be returning to work I didn’t try as hard as I know I could have. To my shock and absolute joy Keira is a boobaholic and just loves to nurse, preferring it over bottles of formula. Being that I never had such an opportunity with Khloe I wasn’t very prepared for such nursing addict. More often than not I stayed in my room avoiding my in laws or staying at home when others were going out. I got to the point of almost trying to wean Keira but decided there had to be another option. We both loved nursing and it was our special mommy and daughter time that no one else could do.

Now I feel free. I no longer feel as though I need to leave a mall to nurse my daughter or pack bottles because I feel like everyone is looking at me when I am trying to feed her. With the 4-in-1 Nursing Shawl I get the freedom to nurse where ever and whenever without having to wonder if I am showing at all. Not only does it help to cover me it also keeps her from becoming distracted and breaking her latch to look around to see what is happening. She just loves the feel of it and often once finished nursing will cuddle up underneath it rubbing the outer fabric until she is fully a sleep.  I have already sent links to friends that I know are nursing moms, pregnant or TTC and they too agree that they just love the look and believe it will be one of their better investments.

When I first saw the shawl I fell in love with the look, but didn’t know what to expect when it actually arrived. The day it arrived in the mail I raced upstairs to open it and fell further into love with it. It is so light weight and can easily fit into it’s small pouch for carrying around. Since I have gotten mine I have not left the house without it. It comes with me and the girls to the park, the beach, the mall, away over night and even was there on my wedding day. I plan to continue using my shawl until the day myself or Keira decide it is time to stop nursing, but plan to use it with our future children.