I was fuming

Some of you saw last week I posted on Facebook I was fuming.  On Friday Khloe and hubby had eye exams.  I recently noticed Khloe was squinting bad while reading and picking larger print books like Dork Diaries over regular print.  I’d booked her appointment with a great eye doctor across the street from the shelter. I’d already seen him to replace my glasses and to get new contacts. I really like him and felt he was thorough and would be patient with Khloe.

They came home from the exam and it went well. The doctor commented on how smart Khloe is, but how she never stopped moving.  It was a great appointment,  but why was I fuming?  She needs glasses.

I expected she would need glasses, but what we learned had me so mad. The doctor had asked if her primary care had ever mentioned her seeing an eye doctor and we said no.  Apparently she is nearsighted,  has a severe astigmatism and has most likely never seen clearly since birth.  He also said if we had not brought her in when we did her vision would have gotten worse and it would become irreversible with near blindness.

My poor baby has not been able to see properly in 8 years. I’m so beyond mad at her old pediatrician for not seeing it.   I’m mad at myself for not seeing it.   I left my daughter unable to see for 8 years.  I’m her mother, I should have seen it. I should have fixed it.  I’m thankful it was finally cauggt and she’ll finally be able to see the way she was meant to be.  I love our eye doctor and that he wants to see the other kids to be on the safe side.