Thank you potty God!

Today has been a gift from the Potty God! Khloe decided today was the day to ditch the diaper almost 100%. Upon waking this morning my hubby changed her and since then she has decided to walk around buck naked, but not once had an accident until just a little while ago. After her bath tonight we put on undies and she was doing great with them on until her and Keira decided to remove the lemon and lime juices from the fridge, squeeze them all over the kitchen floor and make their own slip and slide. With all the excitement she peed in her undies and all over the floor before she could make it to the potty. The one time we did put a diaper on her she took it off and used the potty without wetting the diaper at all. I have to say I am happy to not have changed a Khloe diaper all day and I am sure hubby feels the same.

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bumGenius 3.0 One-Size review


  • Trim, snug and comfortable stretchy tabs provide improved fit
  • Wide slot makes it easy to stuff and remove insert
  • Slot cover keeps your baby protected from wetness
  • New waterproof insert stopper prevents leaking at the tummy
  • Diapers are bundled with two inserts, a newborn insert for newborns and a one-size insert for your older baby

bumGenius 3.0 One-Size is the first diapers we ever purchased on our own. Prior to purchasing we had been gifted all the diapers we have used with Kaylee. I was so nervous to make our first purchase. What if the diaper didn’t work for us? What if it leaked? What if it didn’t fit her right? I had tried bumGenius 3.0 Deluxe All-In-One diapers, but never their one-size so I was beyond worried to buy any.
After the initial wash routine we tested them out for the first time. Since Kaylee was still pretty tiny and on the smallest setting I used the newborn insert and guess what it leaked after her first pee! I decided to try using both inserts and a cover to test them out again, but found Kaylee looked huge and uncomfortable. I was so upset because cloth diapering was a big initial investment for us and we needed as many diapers as possible to work out of what we purchased. I was even about to sell off our entire bumGenius 3.0 One-Size stash (5 new in package and 1 used).
After using some other diapers I decided to give them a try again. Rather than open the un-used diapers I did my normal wash on the used bumGenius 3.0 One-Size and see what happens after another wash. I was prepared this time. I placed the diaper on the smallest setting to fit her, put in the newborn insert and placed a cover over it just to be safe if it leaked again. This was our last clean diaper for the night, the others were still line drying so if it leaked over night we’d have no choice but to put her in a disposable until her other diapers dried. *Fingers crossed* I put the diaper on her at 11pm, laid down for her nightly nursing session and passed out. Kaylee and I were woken up just after 10am by her big sisters and I began to feel over the bed and myself to see if there were any wet spots. NO WET SPOTS! Time for her morning change, lets see how wet the cover is. I open the cover and to my surprise not even a damp spot on the cover! We went 11 hours without a change (wow we got to sleep in that day) and not even a single leak!
We have been using our bumGenius 3.0 One-Size diapers now for 2 months and Kaylee is on the medium setting without a single leak. I still use the newborn insert only because the adjustable insert doesn’t fit just right yet.
Since she is just under 3 months old and already on the medium setting I was a little worried she would outgrow these diapers before potty training started in a couple years. This worry led me to test one out on Keira my two year old. I was shocked to see that the diaper fit her perfect (she is 32lbs) with both inserts in and ready for bed. This would be the real test of the bumGenius 3.0 One-Size diaper. Keira is a very heavy overnight wetter. To my surprise we woke up to no wet spots where she was laying!bumGenius 3.0 One-Size diapers are loved by my family and suggested to other cloth diapering moms or those looking into trying out cloth diapers. Currently we own 2 Butternut, 1 Blossom, 1 Ribbit and 1 Clementime! I still need to pick up a Grasshopper, Twilight and White as well as the brights Moonbeam and Zinnia before you can’t find them anymore.

  • Absorbency = A+; it lasted 11 hours without a leak, need I say more. Just remember it took me three wash cycles to get it here. Wash cycle for me includes a cold wash with no detergent, then a hot wash/cold rinse with detergent.
  • Design = B+; while I love aplix for the ease of adjusting the diaper to fit better over snaps it does stick to everything and tends to scratch our skin while holding Kaylee if she is in just a diaper.
  • Fabrics = A-; soft sueded inner fabric, super soft on babies bottom, while the microfiber insert holds a ton of moisture, but everything sticks to it when wet.
  • Colors = B; without the brights there will not be as large a selection of colors. Hoping since the removal of brights they will introduce mores colors and/or prints
  • Dry Time = B+; the diaper itself dries in no time at all, however the inserts take quite some time to dry
  • Cost = A+; at $17.95 a diaper they are one of the cheapest one-size pocket diapers I have found

Overall score A- to a B+! Great diaper and overall happy with my purchase.

bumGenius did not provide me with a diaper to try, they don’t even know I exist. I purchased this diaper on my own for use with our children. I did not get paid anything to write this review.

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Cranky mama

So yesterday was a little rough. In the morning we had to rush around to get ready for the 45 minute drive to my step-daughter’s birthday party. I was already a cranky mama because of this, get told the weather is good so I dress the girls in capris and t-shirts and Kaylee in a dress figuring even if it is a little chillier due to being on the Cape they would be fine. I only packed one blanket for Kay, no jacket and just light zip up sweaters for Khloe and Keira, figured they wouldn’t need a change of clothing. I got the diaper bag all packed with diapers and backup formula for Kay in case she wanted more after nursing and hopped into 2 cars. Hubby, myself and Kay drove with brother in-law, Khloe and Keira drove with my mother and father in-law. Some how they beat us there and I am told that Keira is soaked because she spilled juice all over her. The poor girl is shivering because it is freezing and I had her sweater in the diaper bag with me. We go through the party fine and then head home. On the way home we had the same setup and we are behind mother and father in-law and see Khloe looking out the back window! WTF is she doing sitting like that? Then I see her STANDING UP! Hello are you paying attention? After about 10 minutes mother in-law turns around and gets her back into her seat. Of course they own a cell phone, but never bring it with them, let alone turn it on so we couldn’t call them to alert them to how our child was.
We finally get home and begin cooking dinner since neither Khloe or Keira ate much at the party. Something happened and I was already irritated about Khloe being out of her seat so I went off (I later apologized to mother in-law about snapping) and ended up in a pissy mood for the remainder of the night. I then opened my email to discover I had won a giveaway! Which turned my night around. I won an AIO diaper from Posh Baby Boutique over at Coupon Mommy of 3‘s blog. I picked the Sage color diaper.

So after my miserable day and just being plain old cranky I perked up and went to check out some more giveaways. I never win anything despite entering tons of giveaways, so this win gave me new hope and I decided to go through a list of links I had been meaning to enter.

Keira the destroyer

I have nicknamed Keira the destroyer.  Perhaps it is because my husband wanted boys and some how ended up with four girls that this is punishment or making up for not having any boys. Despite dressing our girls in frilly dresses and fixing their hair, just as fast as I finish getting them ready they can be found outside in the dirt. Khloe can be girly when need be, but Keira is by far a tom-boy. Her desire is to take things apart and help daddy fix or make things. She will generally strip naked the second she is home and we are lucky if she keeps her hair in a ponytail for more than 10 minutes unless she is distracted. She is a daddy’s girl and as close to a little boy my husband will get (well until we TTC again).So why might you ask do I call her the destroyer? Let’s start at the beginning……

A little under a year ago, when Keira was just over one, my husband left her on the bed alone with a bottle of gatorade and my laptop. As you can guess my crafty little one figured out how to open the bottle and poured it all over my laptop. This resulted in frying one of the memory slots in it and Gatorade spillage is not covered by HP Warranty (guess I should have paid the extra $100 for the warranty that would cover it). Luckily despite not having the money to have it repaired yet it works, but it doesn’t work 100% (did I mention it was only several months old at the time).
Several months ago we switched rooms with the girls, taking the smaller room and giving them the larger room. Upon moving my desktop was setup, but not plugged in and soon the monitor was buried under a pile of stuff. I had not used it, but little Keira did! She decided to remove both face plates on my cd-roms and also hid multiple items inside it some how. We have yet to find where she hid the face plates. She also some how killed my mouse so that it will not left click leaving it hard to design when I finally attempted to do so this weekend (good thing hubby’s cousin had an extra).
Today at only two years old she decided to make her own toast (hubby and I watched her the whole time to make sure she did not get hurt). I watched as she pulled over a toy to the counter, grabbed the bread, moved the toy to reach the toaster, put the bread in and pushed the button down. While her toast was cooking she grabbed a paper plate and once her toast popped up hubby went in and made sure she was ok to get it in case it was hot.