Wordless Wednesday: Kaleb’s 2nd birthday party

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Omi’s chicken, ziti and broccoli recipe

Chicken, Ziti and Broccoli

Omi’s simple and easy recipe

chickbrocziti (5 of 8)Growing up one of my favorite things to eat was Omi’s chicken, ziti and broccoli.  I loved it because unlike most other recipes it didn’t call for oil or an excess amount of garlic.  I was a bit worried the first time I prepared it because all the kids are so picky, but it was an instant hit.  Now it is one of the Drama Queens and Prince’s favorite meals and when asked what they would like for dinner it is their first choice.  I could easily see them eating this for all three meals, seven days a week.


chickbrocziti (1 of 8)The recipe is pretty easy and in a time pinch you can switch out the fresh onion and broccoli for frozen (which I did in this instance).  I especially love that short of cutting up the vegetables and there is little prepping.  Even better it tastes just as good the next day for left over lunch and I get a meat and vegetable into the kids in one sitting.


chickbrocziti (8 of 8)I have tried my hardest to give the best measurements I could, but since it is a family recipe I was taught by eying it.  It is best when adding the seasonings, wine and bouillon to taste and add more wine, water or bouillon.  It should have a nice broth to it once completed, which is nice to serve with bread and butter or some cheesy, Parmesan toast.  Additionally you could top with some grated Parmesan cheese.



Wordless Wednesday: Khloe, Keira & Kaylee’s party

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It has been a while

I know it has been a while since I posted, life just got away from me. First we had the Drama Queens party, then we had Kaleb’s 2nd birthday, then work, real life, finishing up our homeschool year. It seems like I blinked and over a month has flew by. I have a lot of stuff to post, some recipes and pictures from the last couple months. I have almost finalized all our homeschooling stuff which means I should hopefully *fingers crossed* return in full force this coming weekend. I suppose most people take a summer break, but I have to take a spring break. Please stay tuned and I promise I will return.