I am back!

I know I have been horrible about blogging.  It has been a bit tough these last few months.  With my grandfather passing away the end of April and my friend in May I’ve been feeling really down.  Then on top of all this my hubby messed up his arm at work and was out for a while and finally we started getting some nice weather so I have been spending time outside with the Drama Queens.

I have to ship some prizes out including the stuff off of my Facebook giveaway and the Freschetta prize.  I promise to do it soon, but we are a little behind in bills due to hubby being out on part pay.  I will get them packaged up this weekend and ship them next weekend when he gets paid.

I am about to begin working on some reviews I am really behind on as well as putting the finishing touches on my WordPress design so I can move over before Boost Your Buzz happens next month.  I would prefer to get the stats for that over there instead of here because the domain is different.