Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease

Let me first start out by saying how horrible this experience has been.  Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease is not fun at all.  Never would I have expected us to contract it and I wouldn’t have guessed it in the early stages.

On Monday August 11th we headed to a relatives birthday party.  The kids had a great time, spent time with family and friends and ate until their bellies were full.  We headed home late that night all exhausted.  I worked my regular shift Thursday and was home by around 8:30pm.  I headed to bed shortly after only to be woken several times through out the night by Kaleb who suddenly spiked a fever.  My initial thought was teeth or a bad cold, especially since everyone except hubby seemed to be fine.  Due to lack of sleep and hubby not feeling well I took Friday off to take care of everyone. 

I headed back to work on Saturday since everyone was healthy and Kaleb was on the mend.  Saturday after work everyone was still doing well so we headed to Eastie Pride Day followed by father in-laws birthday.  Again we were all exhausted coming home, but it had been a long day.  Keira woke up Sunday with a sore throat and fever and Khloe with a sore throat, so I took Kaleb and Kaylee to visit my mom.  Later on hubby joined us when Keira was feeling a little better to help my mom move some furniture.  It was late when we got home and as I was undressing Kaleb I saw them.  Spots all over his soles and some showing on his palms.  For whatever reason Hand, Foot and Mouth was the first thing that popped into my head.  Not bug bites, chicken pox or a rash.  Something told me right away that was what it was. 

It is now almost a week since the first symptoms showed up and while everyone is now acting normal Kaleb is still covered in spots and Keira and hubby woke with spots this morning.  Since Kaylee and I ended up with a fever later than everyone else I am expecting to get them soon, not sure when Khloe will get them since she never actually had a fever.

I am so exhausted, this last week and a half has been overly busy and stressful.