SoftBums Mystery Diaper Event!

Tomorrow at 12pm CST SoftBums will announce their new mystery diaper.  I have been waiting for this since their twitter party and can’t wait.  In honor of their new diaper they are going to be giving away loads of prizes.  100 bloggers are reviewing this new diaper and will open up for comments at the same time tomorrow.  You can learn more at

My Baby’s Green Pocket AIO Diaper Review and Giveaway – Fluffin’ the Stash

Recently I was very lucky to have won My Baby’s Green Pocket AIO Cloth Diapers 1 in each of the 5 colors.  As you can imagine I was ecstatic, what a great way to feed my cloth addiction.  After claiming the diapers in email I began to build a relationship with owner Tina (who is simply amazing) and I hope to be doing some Christmas shopping at her amazing store.  
The diapers arrived super fast and they were even more beautiful in person than on the website.  The colors are simply stunning pastels and the pictures on the website does not do these diapers justice.  In emails about my win and sharing pictures of Kay in the diapers she offered to do a giveaway of one of the diapers and of course I jumped and said yes.  So let me tell you about these diapers and how much they have worked for us.
I only did a single wash on these diapers when I first got them because I was so excited to try them out.  Since in the past I had leak issues with only one washing I was worried I would have some leaking right away, but to my surprise I had no issues at all.  The diaper is a one-size with hook and loop closure which is very generous, so much so I believe if Khloe had not potty trained they would actually fit her chubby 45lb bottom.  Kaylee has a little bit of a longer rise, but these diapers still fit her in the medium size when others she is already having to wear a large, so I am sure they will fit her for quite some time. 

My Baby’s Green Pocket AIO is made of 100% polyester/PUL outer shell.  You can easily adjust the size of the diaper with the outer snaps for height and with the hoop and loop waist closure.  I love hook and loop because it allows for easy size adjusting and a better fit that you can’t get with snaps.  The inside is so amazingly soft and made of breathable, soft micro-fleece, so I knew I wouldn’t need to worry about this against Kaylee and Keira’s little bottoms.  Each diaper comes with a bamboo and micro-fleece insert.  The insert has snap adjustments on it to adjust the height on it to fit into the pocket of the diaper and the best part it also snaps into the pocket!  This is by far one of my favorite features of the diaper because I have very active children and you don’t know how many times an insert has slid out the back of the diaper and soaked clothing.  There is nothing worse than picking up your little one and being soaked by a insert sticking out.  Not a fan of pocket diapers?  No problem, the insert can be placed between your baby and the diaper.  

Despite being titled a pocket AIO this diaper is classified as a hybrid because of the many ways you can use it.  I have even tossed in a prefold one night when Kaylee was cranky, teething and feverish so we were keeping her so hydrated she was soaking diapers very fast.  I decided to stuff the pocket with the insert and lay in a prefold and finally she passed out. Not wanting to wake her for a diaper change we feared she would leak through, but instead stayed dry 10 hours (yes she slept that long and only woke once to re-latch herself to nurse back to sleep).

These diapers are daddy and toddler approved!  Hubby and Keira reach for the My Baby’s Green Pocket AIO before any other diapers if they are clean.  Just yesterday my hubby said “hun are any of those diapers you won clean, I like how they fit Keira better” and Keira always says “I want the blue one mommy” (this is the only blue diaper we own, so I know she isn’t talking about another).  I asked Keira why she prefers the “blue one” and she said because it is so soft and pretty.

The pros are numerous with these diapers.  They fit my petite, 15-18lb, 6 month old Kay and my tall, skinny, 35lb, 2 year old Keira without having to drastically alter the diaper.  When I put them away I size them for Keira, but with a quick out snap down and an inner insert snap down they can be used on Kay in less than 2 minutes.  I can really see these diapers lasting with us through both girls potty training.  They come in 5 amazing colors Blue Moon (blue), Sweet Pea (green), Coconut (white), Sherbert (orange) and Chic-a-Dee (yellow).
I have found only one con about these diapers, though it is more our own issue rather than the diaper.  Kay is a very squirmy baby now, has a long rise and skinny waist so I find it a little hard to get a good fit on her, but like I said it is more us than the diaper.  I am pretty certain if she didn’t move around so much I would be able to mess with the hook and loop and find a good fit for her.  Tina does state on the website however that because these are a one-size diaper, like many other one-size diapers it doesn’t fit most newborns so well.   I blame Kay’s petite features (waist up because this girl has chunky thighs and legs) for the bad fit on the waist, but it fits wonderfully every where else.

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You can buy the Pocket AIO for $16.95 as well as many other amazing products at the My Baby’s Green website.  Tina has generously offered 20% off to my readers just use the promo code: promo20 at checkout.

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CSN Stores Giveaway!

As we begin purchasing items for when we move CSN Stores has everything we could possibly need.  From an end table for our living room or beautiful items to furnish the girls’ bedroom.  The options are endless and you are certain to find something you need and/or want.  I simply love CSN Stores, how could you not with over 200 stores.

Whenever I shop at CSN Stores I always find something else I want for our family.  From bedding to baby gear, furniture to toys you are sure to find something that tickles your fancy.  Now I am going to help you feed your CSN Stores addiction because one lucky reader is going to win a $35 gift certificate to their stores to use on whatever your heart desires.  
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Aspire Photo Challenge #1 – Black and White

Aspire Photo Challenge

The Calm Before the Storm

I took this photo of Khloe on the 4th of July during our BBQ.  She walking out of the house and didn’t see me with the camera.  Like most kids it is hard to get a non-cheesy photo because they ham it up as soon as they see the camera.  I hope that one day I can get a photo of all three together without cheesy grins on.  My mother keeps telling me I should submit this photo to a modeling agency because Khloe looks absolutely stunning in it and I agree it is by far one of my favorites (hence why it is in my header).  I titled it the Calm Before the Storm because not 10 minutes after this photo she was in a bathing suit, soaking wet, screaming and throwing a tantrum, but at least I have this beautiful photo to document that on occasion the girls are not Drama Queens.

If you want to join in on the Aspire Photo Challenge, just click the link above to head on over.  You have until Friday to join the Black and White challenge.  What a great way to get me to take more photos and actually share them.  Hopefully it will help me with my editing skills and maybe one day I will have a good camera that doesn’t stink when inside the house.

KAMsnaps Holiday Marathon Giveaway #2

Giveaway #1 has ended and giveaway #2 has begun!  Prizes are a $20 gift certificate and your choice of prize from the list or a $50 gift certificate to KAMsnaps.  Also if Walkin’ the Bark receives the most votes this week then everyone that entered this giveaway will get a 50% coupon!  I don’t know, but that means double the snaps I had intended to purchase.  Make sure you head over and enter here! This round ends Oct. 5th

Help KAMsnaps and you could win!

KAMsnaps is doing it again with their amazing Marathon Giveaways. There will be over $3000 in prizes and all to help a great shelter. Like before your mandatory entry will be to vote Walkin’ the Bark Rescue in the Shelter Challenge. The first giveaway has already begun and ends on 9/26 and the prize is a $20 KAMsnaps gift certificate and your choice of prize from here. I am hoping to win a gift certificate this time around because I have been eying snap pliers or a snap press.  If you decide to enter make sure you list me (referred by Karine T. sahmofdqATgmailDOTcom) so that I get credit for referring you over.  To enter visit KAMsnaps blog.

DiamondEarrings.Org Simulated Diamond Earrings Review and Giveaway!

When Mary from contacted me and asked if I would be interested in reviewing a pair of simulated diamond earrings to help spread the word about their current promotion. is currently giving away earrings for free (you just pay shipping $3.77) to visitors of their site.  Eventually will be an online earring store and to get the word out they are running this amazing promotion.

I was lucky enough to get to try a pair of the earrings first hand.  The earrings arrived in a cute little red velvet heart shaped box (sorry I only have a picture of half the box because the girls stole it as soon as I took the earrings out and the other half is now some where is their massive toy collection).  Hubby instantly fell in love with them and decided to declare the earrings his, which is fine because I got away without having to purchase an anniversary gift and he got something he has been wanting, new earrings!  These earring are beautiful and unless you are a diamond expert you wouldn’t even realize they are simulated and even if you could you shouldn’t be so close to a person’s ear to tell.  They are a perfect size as well, not too big and gaudy looking, but not too small that you can barely see them either.  I am very please with these earrings and so is my hubby (he hasn’t taken them out since they arrived).

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Let me tease you…. CSN giveaway coming soon!

I just love CSN Stores, how can I not.  We are hoping to move soon and CSN’s 200+ stores will definitely help us in decorating our own place.  From a beautiful end table, dining room table or furnishing our daughters’ bedroom CSN Stores has it all.

Make sure you subscribe to my newsletter so you know when this giveaway goes live!  One lucky reader will be lucky enough to win a $35 gift certificate to spend at CSN Stores.

Tot Wraps Dream AIO Diaper Review and Giveaway – Fluffin’ the Stash

Dream AIO diaper has given me renewed hope in an AIO diaper.  In the past I have had ok experiences with them, but they were not my favorite.  When I received my Dream Diaper in the mail I was in love, but wondered how well would it hold up to my heavy wetters.  I quickly tossed it is with all my other diapers that day, lined dried as I normally do and used if for the first time the next day. Unfortunately the next day I had a feverish and overly cranky baby who did not cooperate with pictures, so those would have to wait until her next wear.

The diaper held up wonderfully, especially since Kay was nursing like crazy due to not feeling well, plus we were keeping her very hydrated with water because of her fever.  I was shocked at how much this diaper held. When Kay finally laid down to nap she caught up on some much needed sleep and slept for over 4 hours and didn’t have a single leak.

Pardon Kay taking off
before I could adjust the snaps
The Dream Diaper design is amazing.  It brings the ease of an AIO, but the benefits of a pocket all together and allows you to stuff it should you need some extra absorbency. I simply love everything about this diaper, most of all the super soft and extra stretchy tabs.  Kay has a weird shape when it comes to diapers and I often find her being in between snap sizes, which can pose a problem.  Do I tighten the diaper a little too tight? Or do I leave it lose?  More often than not I will leave it just a little lose, but find that the tabs often irritate her skin, but the tabs on the Dream Diaper are so soft I have yet to have an irritation with them.

Here is some info directly from the website

Features of the Tot Wraps Dream Diaper™, one-size, hybrid all-in-one include:

  • A wide fit-range in a single diaper—trim enough to not be bulky on a 7 lb newborn, yet large enough to fully cover a 40 lb toddler. There’s no need to invest in multiple sizes of diapers, saving you both time and money.
  • Two rows of closure snaps for optimum leg and waist adjustment. To obtain a perfect fit, simply snap the closure tab in the leg row (bottom row) of snaps where the leg fits comfortably. Then snap the tab into the waist row of snaps where the waist fits comfortably. It doesn’t matter if the same snap placement is used for both the leg and waist.
  • Easy pull, stretch tabs have plenty of grabbing area and a gentle stretch. Making changes easy, and wearing comfortable.
  • No complicated folds, flaps, snaps, or attachment parts.With only one pair of rise-adjustment snaps this diaper is easy for anyone to use. Long-lasting, easy to use snap closures mean no hook ’n’ loop diaper chains and the closures will last the life of the diaper.
  • Gentle clear elastic around leg and waist openings plus the lack of top-stitching allows the diaper to comfortably and gently stretch to fit almost all diaper-wearing children and eliminate red marks.
  • A colorful, waterproof polyester PUL outer that rolls in on the legs and completely edges the inner diaper for a leak-proof, one-piece diaper.
  • A soft, absorbent inner and Zorb™ soaker holds up to 11 oz. of liquid, handling even the average toddler-sized mess without adding any doublers or inserts. The comfy cotton velour is drier to the touch than other absorbent fabrics yet still stays moist enough to let children know they are wet to aid in potty training. Some styles offer organic viscose of bamboo velour or stay-dray microfleece inners as an option. Maximum absorbency won’t be reached until diaper is washed at least 5 times.
  • Large interior pocket opening allows you to easily increase absorbency for naps, trips, heavy-wetters, or overnight use. Insert will agitate out in the wash, so there is no need to un-stuff before washing. The pocket opening also ensures thorough cleaning and shortens drier time to about an hour.
  • Hourglass-shaped are optional since you won’t need them for normal use. Folding on stitched fold line allows insert to fit smaller rise settings.These can be inserted with the larger end toward the front for boys, or toward the back for girls. For nights instead of stuffing the pocket, try laying the insert in the diaper white side up. The stay-dry fabric on the white side will wick moisture away from your child’s bottom, keeping them dry and comfortable all night long.
  • Thinner than a wet disposable so it fits well under any clothing, even jeans and Onsies.

What I love most is that these diapers are mom made.  Krysta designed an amazing diaper to fit her dream and with customer feedback it really is a dream come true.  This diaper has all the individual features I love on other diapers truly AIO!  

I didn’t get the chance to try the diaper on Keira yet, but I can tell by looking at it that it will have no problem fitting her, with room to grow until she potty trains.

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