Happy Birthday!

Today is my hubby’s 29th birthday.  We don’t have much planned because he isn’t a big birthday man.  I think I might just cook some dinner and maybe bake a cake.  Otherwise we are just going to relax as a family and enjoy the day.

Staight Talk has your back

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Straight Talk for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

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Phones are great, with reconditioned phones starting at $10 with camera, mp3 player, mobile web access and blue-tooth capability…. perfect for those teenagers racking up the minutes and texts just to Call a friend!  They also offer great smart phones; touch screen phone and app capable phones with features like voice navigation, camera, video recorder, music player, instant messaging and Bluetooth.  


Make sure you don’t fall Hook, line and sinker with another provider and find youself chained to a contract. In my opinion Straight Talk has Everything you need!




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Feeling unsafe in my own home….

Our neighborhood is nice.  Sure we live in a good size city so crime is bound to happen, but our neighborhood is nice.  We live about three blocks away from the back entrance into Logan Airport and in a six block radius we have three very nice parks and two harbour walks.  Our neighbors are great (for the most part), behind us is my friend who is currently 21 weeks pregnant as well as her parents and boyfriend, next door is a family (the father of Keira’s “boyfriend”),  across the street is a nice man (who has fixed my computers a couple times) and his wife the high school teacher, next to them is a little family (though we don’t see them often) and next to them is a lovely family that adopted a baby last year.  We live in mostly an old neighborhood.  Many original families with teenagers, no children or adult children that have grown up and moved away (or stayed).  Most of us know each other on a first name basis and often stop to say hello to the girls. 


My friend and I often took late night walks to get the dogs out (11pm-3am) for sometimes three hours, just to chat and vent.  Some nights we’d walk clear across town before realizing how far we had walked.  Never once did we really feel unsafe, but when she got pregnant she became very sick and just couldn’t walk anymore….. which was almost like a warning to us to stop walking.


It started with break ins, you know typical car break ins and electronics being stolen.  Then the home breaks started.  My neighbor was telling me a couple weeks ago as her dad was heading to work at 4am he saw a cop fly the wrong way up our street.  He looked into it (love having friends in force) and came to find out two men had been caught, with a Uhaul, robbing homes.  Apparently this wasn’t the first home they hit, but luckily they were caught so it was their last.  I was scared, our house lock wasn’t working very well and didn’t always lock.  To make matters worse if everyone was working in the morning they would all leave around 4:30-5am so to a thief this would look like everyone was leaving, they’d break in to myself home alone with the girls.  Not the day before I heard of this break in spree did something strange happen.  I was home alone with Kaylee, hubby had taken the other two to go pick up his other daughter.  They had been gone for a while so I knew it was close to when he would be getting home.  I hear the door open and swear I hear someone yell “Keira” like he was telling her to pee or something.  I sat and waited to see if he would come up and get Kay, nothing.  I knew I wasn’t hearing things because Kay went to our bedroom and was yelling “daddy, nana!” like she heard them too.  About half an hour later they arrive home and say that it wasn’t them.  Between that and the break in we needed more safety, so hubby went out and bought a new lock for our front door.


Things have gotten worse.  Just yesterday (well Wednesday morning) at 7am they found a woman badly beaten and possibly raped.  What hits home even more is that it was just two streets away and she was out walking her dogs.  It is a street I often would frequent with my friend on our walks.  It is behind her friend’s house.  Never before did I have to worry.  I used to walk up and get coffee at 7am before work and then wait up the street before work, I would take walks alone at 9-11pm to get coffee or walk home from friends alone.  Sure there were robberies and stuff, but not often in our neighborhood.  A few blocks away at the train station, but that is to be expected.  I am thinking I might need mace or something to carry with me.  I was scared enough already to walk alone with the girls during the day or morning, now I am even more worried.  Last I heard they hadn’t found the attacker and the women was still in serious condition.  I am afraid to look into it, afraid they will say the attacker hasn’t been found.

JustKidCostumes.com, just in time!

Costume shopping for three girls is insane.  Last year I was about ready to pull my hair out in the store.  Luckily the baby already had a costume, but the older two didn’t yet.  So of course we ran out last minute (about a week before) and it was pure torture.  We were in a small two aisle selection of costumes for what seemed like FOREVER…. ok, maybe not, but it was like two hours.  In the end Khloe decided to be a doctor and Keira didn’t want to be anything she saw and in the end we left with a Alice costume (which resulted in an hour fight to get her to wear it before Trick or Treating).


costume_1JustKidCostumes.com makes life easier!  Not only do they have an amazing selection of costumes, but I don’t have to deal with hours in a crowded aisle or two fighting over what costumes to get.  No more hoping the costume they picked up contains all the accessories and getting home and realizing half of it is missing.  Another amazing feature is the dress-up room app, which allows you to upload a photo and put your child into the costume. It can actually let you visualize some of the costume choices on their site as well as something fun to do with the kids.  How adorable is Kay in the giraffe costume?


7060462709Of course just browsing through the site was nuts with my girls.  Eventually they have an idea of what they would like to be.  Khloe decided she wants to be the Vampire Princess, Keira has decided on the Princess Iris costume and together they decided Kaylee would be the Sugar Plum Fairy.




DISCOUNT CODE: And when you visit JustKidCostumes.com by October 16, 2011 at 11:59 PM PST, you can get 10% off your purchase of $8.95 or more. Just use the coupon code, BLOGGER10, to receive 10% off your order. All products are eligible for this discount as long as you spend $8.95 or more.


By writing this post I am being entered to win a giftcard to JustKidCostumes.com. This is my honest opinion.

Under the Weather!

I am so sick it is not funny anymore.  I have been lucky to just constantly feel sick and not actually get sick, but as some of you know actually getting sick often makes you feel 100% better.  To make matters worse I have an infected, impacted wisdom tooth that I am currently looking for a dentist to take care of for me. 

I am mostly caught up luckily.  I just have a book review to write and you are going to want to stay tuned because the book was simply amazing and has me second guessing my thinking on many things.  This weekend we are taking the girls (as well as my mother in-law and grandmother) apple picking.  We’re going to this amazing place, Brooksby Farm.  Not only does it offer all your typical pickings (apples, strawberries, blueberries, peaches), but an amazing farm store and a petting zoo.  The girls are going to have a blast, I just hope I am feeling a little better to truly enjoy the day.

Stay tuned for pictures from this coming weekend and of course the announcement on 10/01 of what hubby got for our anniversary!

Guess My Secret! Winner’s choice $10 Amazon or Paypal.

So in my anniversary post I mentioned I gave hubby a secret gift for our anniversary.  I said it was a secret because I decided I would do this giveaway and have you guess just what that secret is.  I am going to do it riddle style, by giving you three clues and from that you have to guess.  Then I will pick a winner from all correct answers, in the event that no one has a correct answer then I will pick a winner from everyone.


On with the CLUES!

1. Hubby’s gift can not be bought in a store (at least no stores I am aware of Smile with tongue out)

2. It is forever

3. It is something I bake

To Enter

Comment with the answer to the question below.

Question: What did I get for my hubby for our anniversary?


Giveaway ends at 11:59pm EST on 9/30.  One winner will be chosen using And The Winner Is plugin.  Winner will have 48 hours to respond before I pick another winner.


This giveaway is self sponsored.

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Easy Canvas Prints Review & Giveaway

IMG_2505Growing up canvas was all over home.  Being the child of an artist my mom would often have extra canvas around the house.  As I grew up I often preferred canvas artwork, so it was only fitting that I would want a beautiful canvas print of my girls.


When Easy Canvas Prints asked if I would be interested in reviewing one of their prints I was thrilled.  Now came the fun part.  I knew I wanted a picture of all three girls, but any parent will know that getting a single child to sit for a picture is a task, now imagine trying to get three to sit at once.  I went through some photos I had and picked three different photos, one of each of the girls actually looking at the camera.  All three were actually in these photos, but maybe one would be paying attention.  I worked for a while to get the photos together and still good quality for printing, but I was worried.


Next I headed to Easy Canvas Prints and followed the easy steps in picking my size, style and features of my canvas.  The upload process was nice and easy and I was shocked at how fast it all was.  They greatest part which eased my fears was the quality check.  Right away I knew that my image was good quality for printing!  Which helped have peace of mind about how my canvas would look when it arrived.


When my print arrived I was amazed at how beautiful it really was.  No one could have told me just how nice they are.  Sure I have seen reviews, but I have never seen one in person.  The girls were excited to as I placed it on the wall and kept saying look it is up mommy.  They loved it too.  I think I might end up ordering one for my grandmother next year for her birthday will all of us in it.  She loves photos of her family, lining her walls with them and by placing the photo onto canvas it becomes like a work of art.


I can easily say this is one of my favorite photos I now have.  It pops out amongst all the other pictures on the wall.  People look at this picture before all the others.  It truly is a work of art!


I received the product/s mentioned above for this review. No monetary compensation was received by me. This is my honest opinion.

Happy Anniversary!

Three years ago today my hubby and I got married.  September 11th was not our intended date, nor did we realize the date until it was already too late.  For months since he proposed we had slowly planned and picked up stuff to have a beautiful wedding on a budget when he slipped and fell leaving him out of work.  About a month after his fall on Saturday, September 6th, 2008, he woke up, looked at me and said let’s go register for our marriage license on Monday and book the JP at city hall.  It took a few minutes for it to sink in and finally I said ok.  We went to apply for our license, they told us it would be ready on Thursday morning and to book our JP appointment for about an hour or two after our license would be ready.  So we book our time and head home with our paperwork and it wasn’t until then we realized the date.  We had already paid and were told we couldn’t get our money back should we be unable to make it (hence why they told us to book it leaving enough time to get our license should they be busy). So the date stuck.


I am going to be doing a lot catching up this because as a gift for our anniversary hubby took the week off so I can have a mini vacation from being a SAHM and do some crafting.  As for my gift to him, that still remains a secret and will share soon. Now here are some pictures we took at a local park just after our wedding (hey we already had our gowns, no way was I letting them go to waste)! 




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