Time is flying and the greatest surprise ever!

Where is the time going?  I am already 11 weeks and 4 days pregnant and will be 12 weeks at my first appointment on Thursday.  Keira is super cute and keeps telling everyone she is having a little brother and I keep having to remind her that she might get another sister, but she is very adamant that I am in fact having a boy.  I really hope her intuition is correct because we’d love to add a little boy to our mix.  I guess we have a few weeks before we find out…. do you know what that means though????  I am thinking a guessing giveaway is in order.  So keep your eyes peeled because after my appointment I am going to get it posted with no end date until I have my gender scan date.


Now for my surprise.  Tuesday was a horrible day, it put me into a major bad mood which continued into Wednesday.  At 1:27pm my mom called me (which she never does) because she had some free time and was cleaning out bad numbers in her phone.  I let her know which numbers were good and then I tried to chat about some stuff going on, but she rushed me off the phone which just furthered my bad mood.  The girls were crabby the whole day and looking tired so we headed upstairs to settle down and watch some tv.  Just as they looked comfortable and about to pass out there was a knock on our door.  I run downstairs and ask who it is and it’s my grandmother who now has me utterly pissed.  She never shows up without calling and she couldn’t pick a worse time to visit.  I put on a smile and open the door to find my grandmother and cousin standing there, they walk in leaving my door open which whips leaves and rain into the house.  I am fuming, but fighting back wanting to scream at her.  As I turn to ask why they are here someone jumps through the door and shouts “surprise!”  Once I finally focus I realize it is my mom and I just began to scream and cry.  I am an emotional mess, Khloe and Keira are going insane to see their nana.  Through tears I ask how “your grandmother bought me a ticket,” when “I got in at 5:30 this morning” and the last question, which I was afraid to ask because it would put a deadline on our time, but I asked for how long “forever!”  My mom is home for good and in perfect time too.  Her 50th birthday was yesterday and we got to spend the entire day together just hanging out.  It has been the worst and greatest 5 days.  I am just beyond thrilled that she is finally home and my girls can really get to know their other nana.

Kidfresh Review & Giveaway


The Drama Queens can be unbelievable picky when it comes to eating.  Some days they will eat anything and everything, the next day they won’t eat the same thing and say they don’t like it.  We were lucky enough to try the Kidfresh meals.  When it comes to food I normally prefer to prepare each meal for them, but I was always looking for something to feed them in a rush or last minute if I don’t have time to cook.  Kidfresh has everything I would want in a meal I make for them.  The meals are 100% all natural with no artificial ingredients, flavors, colors or preservatives, offer 33% of their daily vegetables, are nutritious and have BPA free and green packaging that is 100% recyclable


We went with the Totally Twisted Pasta and Meatballs.  We really wanted to get the Wagon Wheels Mac and Cheese, but our local store was all sold out.  The girls went crazy over them.  Khloe has been on a “I hate pasta” kick for the last month or so and I was shocked to see her eat the whole bowl without a single complaint.  Kaylee wasn’t too fond of the meatballs, but she has never really liked any meatballs, so she happily handed them over to her sister.  Keira also ate all her bowl, but she is a true Italian and will eat pasta every day, all day.  I really hope our store starts stocking more of the Kidfresh meals because we would really love to have the Wagon Wheels Mac and Cheese again and try the Easy Cheesy Ravioli.


Going on right now through October 28th at 1:00pm (EDT) Kidfresh is holding their 2nd Annual Halloween Costume Photo Contest.  You can win Sony® Digital Photo Frame (8-Inch SVGA LCD 4:3) or one of our four Crocodile Creek Lunch Box sets, including a lunch box and a thermos food jar.  Plus each winner will also win a month supply of Kidfresh meals.  You can read more details at this blog post or by visiting their Facebook page and uploading a photo of your little ones in their costumes.


I received the product/s mentioned above for this review. No monetary compensation was received by me. This is my honest opinion.

Book Review: Never Give Up


Never Give Up

How to Find Hope and Purpose in Adversity

Ruthe Rosen

List $16.95

Trade softcover 186 pages

ISBN 978-1-879384-86-6

Published by Cypress House

Publication date September 15, 2011


Not often is there a book I read from start to finish in under a day, but this book I read in about four hours.  As I read Ruthe’s words and learned of her daughter Karla my heart broke.  As a mother you watch your children, feed them the right food, teach them right and wrong and do your best to keep them healthy.  As a mother my worst fear is to hear my child is seriously or terminally ill, Ruthe lived every mother’s worst fear. 


Ruthe’s fourteen year old daughter Karla returned home from dance camp in the summer of 2004 things went from normal to bad fast.  Karla was your typical teenager including mood swings and hormone changes.  She mentioned headaches, one so bad she dropped to her knees, but when she went into detail about camp and all that had she had been doing before the headache Ruthe wasn’t alarmed.  Over the next several months Karla continues to experience headaches and Ruthe decides it is time to see their pediatrician. After tests Karla is diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor and give one to three years to live.  Words no mother should ever have to hear and no child should have to live.


What has amazed me most about Karla is through out the whole year she was ill she never gave up.  Through the ups of her illness and it looking as though she just might beat the tumor, to the downs of it returning worse than before she continued to maintain hope and faith.  Karla makes me rethink how I live my life and as she said it in closing her entry to CosmoGirl “do not sweat the small things in life and live it to its fullest.” It really hits you when you think about it, small things in my every day life are getting upset over spilled milk or potty accidents, when someone like Ruthe and Karla could only hope and wish these were the little things to fret over.


In the short time between Karla’s diagnosis and her death she did more and touched more lives than the average person will do in their full life.  She taught even complete strangers to just “let it be” and take the day as it comes, but with hope and faith that tomorrow might be better.  Even after her death this book, the story her mother has shared and the Let It Be Foundation, Inc. created by Ruthe on what would have been Karla’s sixteenth birthday Karla has continued to teach and touch lives all around the world.  Karla and Ruthe truly amaze me, not only in all they had to live through, but how they lived their lives during this time and how Ruthe continues to live her life after Karla’s passing.  If I can only be a quarter the person Karla was and her mother is I would be happy.


If you read one book before the end of the year I highly suggest this one.  It really makes you think about your life in a whole different light.  You can purchase the book on Amazon, as well as other stores.


I received the product/s mentioned above for this review. No monetary compensation was received by me. This is my honest opinion.

A winner and the secret!

So below is the winner of the Guess My Hubby’s Secret Anniversary Gift….



I was surprised to see almost everyone guessed correctly, I think my hints were a little too easy!  It is true we are expecting again.  It came as quite the surprise.  I hadn’t been feeling well, but neither have the girls so I didn’t think anything of it.  Then a few of my friends mentioned that I sounded pregnant because my reflux had been acting up.  Normally I have it every so often, but when pregnant it is horrible.  Still I didn’t think it possible, we were being safe and avoiding.  Being that we were planning on heading out on our anniversary to have dinner and a couple drinks I decided to have hubby grab a test for me.  I got the following result.


I figured it was way too faint, I had seen bad evaps like this before, but decided to use a Amazon gift card I earned through Swagbucks.  I scored 10 internet cheapie sticks for just under $5 with free 2 day shipping.  They were due to arrive on Friday, but came a day early.  I was seriously expecting a clear negative, but to our shock this is what we got.


I am due May 10th, 2012, but my dates always changed after the first ultrasound.  We’re hoping for a boy, but will be happy with another girl.