This and That!

Tomorrow I will be 17 weeks pregnant, where is the time going? On 12/19 we will hopefully be finding out if we are having another Drama Queen or finally adding a little Prince to the mix. I hope baby cooperates so we can see and finally get the final items we need for this little one.

I am planning to attempt to get some stuff posted over the next week to get myself all caught up and I really hope to be able to stay on track this time around. Which leads me to question which way I should go. I find it hard to find the time to get stuff done on my blog anymore, I can’t even get a personal post written, never mind a review or giveaway. I am questioning how I am going to be able to maintain my blog while caring for 3 girls 5 and under as well as a newborn, who will hopefully be exclusively breastfed. What does everything think? If you really want me to keep my blog up I will do so, but if no one cares either way or actually reads it has me wondering if it is even worth it anymore.

Lastly I have decided rather than setup a Google+ Page I am just going to remove my GFC and go without anything Google stuff. I can barely remember to visit the Facebook page for my blog, there is no way I am going to remember another page to keep checking.

Really, I’m not MIA!

Let’s just say this pregnancy is just suiting me well.  While I have been lucky enough to only have actually gotten sick once (which was due to a migraine), I constantly feel nauseous.  On top of it all I have been battling some pretty bad migraines and a tooth that really needs to be pulled.


Over the next few months I am preparing for the holidays, cooking the meals, shopping for Christmas gifts and planning the girls’ birthday bash.  Once the holidays are over I then have Khloe’s 5th birthday, followed by my 30th 20th, Keira’s 4th, the girls big combined party, Kay’s 2nd and then the baby is due.  We have a ton of planning and preparing to do, plus we still have a few items to purchase for the baby, and if by luck we are finally having a little boy we also have clothing to buy since everything we own is little girl related.  To top it off I have close to 4000 emails to go through and roughly 100 or so I need to reply to.


As you can imagine it is nuts behind the scenes here and you might even notice that some how (I didn’t touch anything) my blog has gone all wacky and isn’t aligned anymore.  I am debating on once we are paid off on a few more things to hire someone to take the color scheme, graphics and such and create a working design for me.  Once hubby gets home I am hoping to play much needed catch up and try to get some regular posting going.


On a good note I am 15 weeks pregnant today and we should hopefully know little one’s gender within the next 3-5 weeks.

Shutterfly for your holiday cards review/giveaway!

Holiday cards have always made me happy.  Growing up I loved to receive cards, especially photo cards.  I loved to see everyone all dressed up for the holidays.  I knew when I had a family I would send photo cards for the holidays.


I love the selection of Christmas photo cards Shutterfly has to offer.  I especially love the Flat Stationery Cards.  I think I prefer the look and feel of these cards over some of the others.  I particularly love the Whimsy And Wonderful card.  I can easily showcase each of the girls alone as well as all together (which is a major task).  I also love that there is room to include everyone’s name, rather than just “The Traverse Family.”  Being it is almost the middle of November I really need to start working on getting a good shot of the girls so I can begin designing our cards and getting them out in time for Christmas.


While designing my holiday cards I can even create and order unique holiday gifts.  I know several family members that prefer to receive a personalized gift over something that I quickly picked up at a store.  Designing a photo gift with Shutterfly shows that I put more than a few minutes into the thought, creation and purchase of their gift.  I have an eye on the travel mug for my mom, so every morning when she has her coffee (at home or on the road) she can always sneak a peak at her beautiful grand daughters.

For writing this post I will also receive holiday card from Shutterfly. No monetary compensation was received by me. This is my honest opinion.

The best lunch bag PackIt! BOGO Sale!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of PackIt for. All opinions are 100% mine.

Picture 17The Drama Queens have had their eyes on the PackIt lunch boxes since they saw the first commercial. I am planning on purchasing them as Christmas gifts this year. I love that it stays cold for up to 10 hours, so I won’t have to worry if we go on an extended walk and can’t get to a fridge. It would be perfect for family outings and mini picnics. I especially love that it is non-toxic, sweat-proof and PVC and lead-free, so I can feel safe about packing all the food we need to take on the go.

I remember in school by the time lunch rolled around anything I brought was already warm and gross or soggy wet because the ice had melted. I love that I wouldn’t have to worry about ice packs, just make our sandwiches, pack our drinks and head out the door without any worries. Right now PackIt is having a BOGO sale, buy one at $19.95 and get one free! How awesome is that? Think Christmas gifts, back to school next year, summer outings or visits with friends after school. You can even use it for baby’s bottles or their snacks. What you use your PackIt for? Why do you think it is better than any old lunch bag? Let me know in the comments below!

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Who will win Puppies vs. Babies?

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Puppies vs. Babies for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

PvB-CuteDar-Green-300x250-Backup.jpgHave you ever wondered who would win Puppies vs. Babies? Going on right now until November 23rd is the Puppies vs. Babies online contest. You will pick the winner of who is cuter, so make sure you head over and check out the contestants and cast your vote.

Who will you cast your vote for?  Tell me in the comment section below and if you have a cute story on why you made your decision feel free to share it with me.  I cast my vote for babies.  While I think puppies are simply adorable, they grow up and are still as needy as they were as a puppy and some don’t grow up as cute.  Sure I am partial to babies since I have three of my own with a fourth on the way and have only had one dog my whole life, but I’ve always found babies to be so cute. For instance Kay has this new thing where if you pretend to cry or pout she races over to you, throws herself in your lap, gives you a big hug and pats your back until she is sure you are ok. Nothing is cuter than as they begin to talk and the first time you hear in their sweet little baby voice “I love you mama.” Yes a puppy can show you their love, but unless you have a world famous puppy odds are you won’t hear them tell you that they love you. Also puppies will always need you to take them for a walk, while eventually your baby will potty train and be able to take themselves to the bathroom.

Of course like I said I am partial to babies being a mother, but how can you get any cuter than this little girl. Always cuddling, sweet little giggles and the cutest way of asking us to do something or get something for her.

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Kidfresh Extended!

I am going to be extending the Kidfresh giveaway because there are currently no entries.  It was supposed to end in 3 days, but in all the chaos over the last 2 weeks I forgot to promote it on all the sites I normally list my giveaways.  As soon as I write a couple reviews and get a little more caught up (before I go to bed) I will be extending it another 2 weeks.

Master Lock SafeSpace Review

Several months ago I mentioned feeling unsafe in our home.  There have been a lot of robberies and break ins in our neighborhood, so I was really nervous.  I was afraid to head out alone with the Drama Queens during the day alone because I was worried someone might steal my wallet or try to rob us.  I limited our outings to emergency reasons only and would wait until hubby arrived home for extended stays outside, that is until Master Lock came to my rescue. They provided me with the SafeSpace which has helped me feel a lot safer outside with my credit cards and camera.


masterlock-closedSafeSpace is simply amazing.  Appearing like an oversize eyeglass case it really doesn’t look like a safe or that it would contain valuables.  Offering a combination lock that you can set yourself really puts your mind at ease.  Able to hold my camera, cell phone and credit cards with a ton of room left I felt safe placing it under the stroller.  I didn’t see anyone looking at it like I have noticed in the past with my wallet.  I really felt safe walking outside again with stuff I normally had hidden within my stroller or in my pockets.


masterlock-openNot only does it offer safety from theft, but it also offers water-resistant construction and shock absorbing foam.  Want to listen to your MP3 player while walking?  Run your ear phone wires through the side ports and easily listen while your MP3 player is still safely within.  At the office and have to walk out for a bit, but want to charge your cell phone?  No problem, just run your charger cord through the ports and safely charge your phone.


I love how strong the SafeSpace is as well.  I left it on my desk and the Drama Queens got a hold of it.  It got bounced around quite a bit by them, but there was not a single ding and it still worked perfectly.  They couldn’t figure out the combination lock or break it open no matter how hard they tried.


I highly suggest this to anyone feeling unsafe, whether out for your daily run, a quick walk to the store or in your office.  Master Lock and SafeSpace will keep your belongings protected.  I know it gives me a little more ease of mind as I walk alone or with the Drama Queens.


I received the product/s mentioned above for this review. No monetary compensation was received by me. This is my honest opinion.

13 Weeks Already!

Yesterday I hit 13 weeks pregnant.  It seems like it is going by way too fast.  Last week my appointment went great.  My midwife told me the decision is mine if I want to attempt a VBA3C, so now I am just weighing the options. Due to my off cycles she also decided to do an ultrasound, so I got to see my little one!  I’ll post pictures below.


This past week has been pretty hectic.  On Monday our fridge completely died on us.  It started with the freezer and I cooked up as much as I could, but by Tuesday the whole fridge was gone and 3 chicken breasts and 1bs of hamburger went bad.  We’ve been living out of a cooler all week, but luckily the new fridge arrived today.  Last night I went to lift myself up to change Kay and I hear a loud CRACK!  Then shooting pain….. I angled my hand wrong and when I lifted myself up I bent the middle finger on my left hand all the way back.  It is still majorly swollen and hurts like crazy, but it just appears to be swollen and not broken.  Then this morning my father in-law decided to attempt to remove the fridge from the wall (despite paying for delivery of the new fridge and full removal of the old) and caused the ice line to come loose flooding the kitchen.  Turning it off at the source under the sink did not work so they had to shut off all water to the house, which left us with no water until almost 4pm.  On top of it all we had Halloween on Monday and taking the girls trick or treating (didn’t get some great shots, but got some and will share later).  All in all it has been a horrible week, which I am hoping picks is better next week.  Now that everything is calming down (I think) I am going to work on getting caught up this week.


Now on to my little bean :)