Computer Crash!

On Thursday (12/23) I had a complete computer crash.  Unfortunately I lost a lot of saved emails.  It had me create a backup and said it saved and showed saved files on my disk, but when I went to restore them there was nothing there.  In all I lost 100s of files, not even sure what as well as 1000s of emails (many relating to my blog, reviews and my event).  I am trying to download and go through roughly 15,000 emails that luckily Gmail had stored, but anything in the trash older than 30 days is gone and a ton of emails got deleted by Keira when she made me hit the wrong button.  I am hoping once I try and get some stuff back onto my laptop that I can begin pre-posting event details, reviews and giveaways.  If I am not caught up by the 1st I am going to have to delay my event to begin on the 12th (Khloe’s birthday) while I get situated again.

Make feeding time easy time with Annabel Karmel

When we found out I was pregnant with Kaylee we decided right away we would be making our own baby food.  Both Khloe and Keira never had a big interest in store bought jarred food and at most would only eat the fruits.  They both ended up having whatever we were eating mashed or cut up and jarred food sat in our cabinet going to waste.  We knew that our little Kay needed to eat, but couldn’t justify throwing away money on food our older two had not even touched.

When I was given the chance to try the Annabel Karmel line from Infantino I was thrilled, you didn’t have to ask me twice.  The only down part was by the time I replied and the line arrived Kay was already done with purees and preferred her food cut up so she could feed herself so I was worried I wouldn’t find a use for the Fresh Food Mill, Freeze Tray and Mash & Serve Bowl…. boy was I ever wrong.

annabel2One of my favorite items in the line is the Fill & Freeze Puree Pops.  My girls will not eat yogurt, though they both loved it in the past.  I knew it was more of a texture problem and not the taste so I decided to give the yogurt a try in frozen pop form.  These were a big hit, IMG_0370the problem is I can’t make and freeze them fast enough.  I take some fruit on the bottom yogurt, mix it all up and then pour it into the Fill & Freeze Puree Pops tray.  Once frozen I run under cold water for a few seconds, pop them out and I have a great after dinner treat or a easy add on to our breakfast that is healthy and they will all eat.

annabel3The Double Decker Meal Box is another product that since receiving it I have found I can’t live with out.  I can take snacks for all the girls, a sandwich for myself or for them to share when we are heading to the park to play.  It is all in one place and I don’t have to go rummaging through the diaper back looking for each child’s snack.  I just pull out the Double Decker Meal Box and it is all right there.  It even has it’s own little spoons that stores nicely in the top of it.  No more wondering where to put dirty silverware after meal time on the go.  Just place them back in their storage area and no worries about getting food all over the other stuff in your bag.

annabelNot going on a longer trip and want something smaller than the Double Decker Meal Box?  Don’t worry there is the 6 Stackable Food Pots.  These are great for all kinds of uses.  Want to store some left over dinner in the freezer?  Fill up the Stackable Food Pots, put on the lids and stack them on top of each other for easy freezer storage.  Rushing out the door one day before lunchtime?  No problem grab on of your pots out the freezer, heat it in the microwave and you can grab your little one’s meal to go.  I found them extremely useful in taking along a different portion controlled snack for each of the girls for short walks or car rides.

047The next two are the Steam Release Micro Dish and Mash & Serve Bowl which I had the pleasure of trying with my niece and great nephew.  On one of her recent visits she had no baby food with her and I mentioned I had the Annabel Karmel line and she was super excited to use it.  She ran to the store and picked up some carrots and bananas for her little man, then came back and got to work.  She cut up the carrots and placed them in the steamer, 050following the directions she placed it into the microwave.  Once it was done we removed it (be careful we learned the bowl can become extremely hot) and placed the cut up carrots into the Mash & Serve Bowl.  She then cut up some banana and added that to the carrots and quickly fed her son.  It didn’t take very long at all and her son had a healthy and tasty meal in minutes.

125-106_001The Fresh Food Mill has become very handy with treats for the girls.  As I mentioned Kay isn’t a big fan of pureed food (well except maybe some mashed potatoes) so I was really worried I wouldn’t be able to find a use for the mill, but I did!  One night we were having some sundaes after dinner and it came to me.  I had strawberries in the fridge that were going to waste.  I quickly rinsed them off, cut them up and put them into the mill.  Within minutes I had a tasty topping for our dessert.  The girls loved having the strawberries with their ice cream.  I also used it during the holidays to create some fresh fruit toppings for my pies and cheesecake.  They were a hit.  I also use it with the Fill & Freeze Puree Pops.  Simply puree one fruit or several, place them into the pop tray and freeze for some amazing whole fruit popsicles.

125-103_001The last item in the line was my biggest fear.  What was I going to prepare and freeze in the Freeze Tray?  Then it dawned on me, when I cook I over cook.  I think it is due in part to growing up in a large family and all the recipes are designed to feed large families and we never worked to cut them back.  I have found these come in amazing when I make Kaylee’s favorite MASHED POTATOES!  After our meal I simply separate what is left into the tray and freeze.  Now whenever I want I can pop one out and heat it up without the hassle of having to cook and entire batch of mashed potatoes.

The entire Annabel Karmel line is BPA free and dishwasher safe.  The Stackable Food Pots and Steam Release Micro Dish are both freezer to microwave safe and the Double Decker Meal Box removable food containers are microwave safe.  Which I find to be best of all, you can easily grab your little one’s meal or snack on the go in a matter of minutes.  Annabel Karmel and Infantino have outdone themselves with this line of products.  They are the perfect gift for any new mom or mom to be!

I received the product/s mentioned above for this review. No monetary compensation was received by me. This is my honest opinion.

Hug Your Little Ones!

I follow many blogs and not often am I moved so much to post about stuff I read, but this IS MY BIGGEST FEAR and it is for that reason I had to share.  Steph is amazing and if we had some extra money right I would be right there donating for this family, but for now I can at least post and spread the word.  You see a friend of Steph’s little boy recently passed away due to a horrible accident (you can read more here) and she is trying to raise money to help them through this horrible time.  No parent should lose their little one in such a way, I know as I get my girls in and out of the car or just going on walks my biggest fear is that I will be tending to one and the other will walk off. 

Steph will be doing it in a Charity Raffle style were your donations will go as entries into the raffle.  Please open up your hearts and help, even if it is just a little.  I know if I get some extra money before the raffle ends I will be putting in my donation.  Thank you Steph for putting this together to help the family and know that my thoughts and prayers are with this family through this tough time.

The donations we have to auction off right now are:  (please note that some of these prizes are 18+ and adult related so use caution when checking out the links)
$10 Gift Card to Bath & Body Works
$25 Gift Code to Steph’s Rockin Bakery
$50 Gift Code to
Jules Out Loud is donating a crocheted teddy bear  
Project Mommyhood is donating a lovey from Noahs Baby Boutique
A Dust Bunny in the Wind is donating a $15 Gift Code to her store Nitebyrd’s Nest (she must have known what I liked)
Eden Fantasysis donating $100 Gift Code thanks to Jenn (blogger relations guru)
Jaded Vixen has offered two of her racy e books (you know us ladies love racy) on her blog under either pen name

Mamas & Papas Hits the US!

TreklightweightstrollerBlueberrysideviewI have a stroller addiction obsession, so when I heard that Mamas and Papas was now going to be available in the US I was beyond excited.  I had heard about them from my friends overseas, but never looked into them because I knew they were not available here.  These strollers are truly drool worthy beyond belief, they are beauty in a lightweight stroller. 

TourlightweightstrollerinCherryDotBy far my favorite is the Tour, with it’s beautiful dotty design.  With an adjustable back and leg rest as well as a canopy window and pocket makes riding comfortable for baby and eases mom’s mind because she can see baby.  I love that it can be carried with a shoulder strap and is lightweight (only 14lbs) while still being a 5 point harness stroller.  It even includes a toy loop right on the canopy to attach a toy for your little one.

CruiselightweightstrollerinBlackTriplightweightstrollerinAppleThe Tour isn’t the only stroller in the Mamas and Papas lightweight stroller line, they also offer the Trip, Trek, Cruise and Voyage.  They really put thought into their designs while maintaining function and ease of use.  Are you excited about them being available in the US now?  Well you can learn more about them on their website 
Mamas & Papas or purchase them at Babies R Us.  They can also be found on Facebook and Twitter

By writing this post I will be entered to win 1 of 5 Mamas & Papas strollers being given away.  This has had no influence on my opinion of the strollers.

Holiday Giveaway Gift Hop

Welcome to the Holiday Gift Giveaway Hop! This event has been months in planning and I am super excited that the day is finally here! Both prizes I donated myself.  The Amazon gift code is virtual and will be sent to the winner once they confirm and the Target gift card is a hard store card and will need to be mailed to the winner.  Thank you so much for joining me in the Hop. I wish that I could offer more, but between Halloween, Thanksgiving, sick children and a teething infant I just got so busy over the last few weeks I couldn’t work on getting more.

US only (sorry international, but the Amazon is for US and I am not sure about mailing the Target card internationally)

Prize #1
Virtual $5 Amazon Gift Card

Prize #2
$10 Target Gift Card

Main Entry: Follow my publicly on Google Friend Connect.  Make sure you tell me in which order you would like the prizes.  I will pick the first winner and they will get first choice, then pick the second winner and they will get whichever the first winner didn’t pick.

Bonus Entries:
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Giveaway ends on December 5, 2010 at 11:59 pm EST. The winners will be selected by and notified by email and will have 48 hours to reply back before a new winner is selected.

Make sure you check out the rest of blogs participating in the Hop.