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Karine – Head Drama Queen

I was born January 19th, 1982 and grew up in the small city of Chelsea, just outside of Boston.  I have 1 younger sister, 1 half sister, 1 half brother, 1 step sister and 1 step brother.  Both my parents remarried and my father had children in his second marriage
(now divorced).

I enjoy all things crafts and can spend hours on end in craft and fabric stores without even realizing.  I blame my mom because she is an artist.

I have always wanted to be a mom, but was told chances were slim (guess that doctor was wrong).  It took me 3 relationships and 7 years to actually have my first child, so they were slightly right, but I think my body just knew those two previous relationships were not right for me.

Richie and I met on Myspace in April of 2006, I got pregnant with Khloe at the end of that April, got pregnant with Keira in May 2007, got married September 11th, 2008 and got pregnant with Kaylee in June 2009.  We are not done having children, but we will be waiting a little while for our next.  Still hoping for our little boy.

Currently we live in East Boston with my in-laws until we get back on our feet financially, which we hope is soon.



Richie – King of the Drama Queens

Richie was born September 25th, 1982 and has lived in the same house in East Boston since he was born.  He has another daughter who just turned 8 in May 2011, so he truly is out numbered by the Drama Queens.  He makes the best of it and is one of the few men I know that can fix a little girls hair and play princesses.




Khloe – The Leader

Born January 12th, 2007.  Khloe does not follow, she wants everyone to do as she says.  She will not do something if you ask her, but will do it on her own. From birth she has been very self sufficient and preferred to do things on her own and wasn’t very clingy.  She often tells her sisters what they should do and doesn’t like having them tell her they want it another way.  Still very much an amazing big sister and constantly looking out for Keira and Kaylee.






Keira – The Destroyer

Born February 14th, 2008.  Our little love bug who still co-sleeps and loves to be cuddled and doesn’t like to be away from us for too long.  She likes to take things apart, rip and break things and then try to repair them.  Keira looks up to her big sister Khloe and acts as a second mom to Kaylee.  Recently mastered potty training all on her own, but still misses being in cloth and having something in common with her little sister.






Kaylee – The Manipulator

Born March 14th, 2010. Another cuddly little girl who prefers to cozy up next to mommy to sleep.  Advancing fast and hitting milestones left and right.  She already knows just how to manipulate us all into what she wants and will let us know that she doesn’t like not getting her way. Constantly smiling and loves getting attention from her big sisters.






Kaleb – The Prince

Born May 9th, 2012.  Is equally a mommy and daddy’s boy.  When it comes to day to day he wants mommy to nurse and cuddle him, but once daddy walks in he has to spend time with him.  Already crawling, cruising furniture and diving off couches we know he is going to be a handful like his older sisters.  All eyes has to be on him and he will get mad if he does not have your full attention.  Loves music and dancing as well.


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