Breakfast on the go with Quaker Breakfast Shakes

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quaker (1 of 1)Ever since I returned to work part time it seems like I never have enough time in the day.  By the time everyone is awake in the morning and fed on the days I work it is nearly time for me to race out the door.  It’s usually after I get to work that I realize I fed everyone except myself.  Working in a business park my options are limited to the vending machine and an over priced coffee shop, neither have a great selection to eat and cost me more than it is worth.  Quaker Breakfast Shakes provide me with an alternative that I can quickly grab and go.  I don’t have to worry about packing something to eat, just simply grab one and toss it into my bag and head out the door. 

I got the chance to try the strawberry and chocolate shakes.  Hubby decided he wanted to try the chocolate so the kids and I shared the strawberry (by far their favorite flavor in anything).  They thought they were having a treat while I knew they were consuming Quaker whole grain oats, protein and fiber, which is great when you have picky eaters.  I am already thinking up fun ways to use the shakes outside of just a shake.  I am thinking some pops and maybe even blending them with some fresh fruit to create some amazing breakfast smoothies. 

The Quaker Breakfast Shakes are available at Walmart and right now you can use this $2 off coupon on a 4-pack of shakes.  What fun ways do you think you could use the shakes in a recipe?  Would you just drink them as is or would you whip up something fun with them?

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