Home Video: How Video Editing Can Create a Larger Audience for Your Home Videos

How many times have you had to sit through somebody’s boring, stale old home movies? I have, especially in my youth. Nowadays, however, when somebody brings out the old videotapes or, God help me, the old reel to reel of the “Smith Family Vacation” or “Grandma’s gall stone surgery” I make my excuses and beat feet out of there. Honestly, these days I’m far from polite, which may explain why I don’t have many friends.

For the most part home videos are hours and hours of bland, horrifyingly dull footage of the most inane events that are of no interest to anyone except the one taking the video and the people who are in the video. Sometimes not even the people starring in the video are interested in seeing themselves fall in the pond for the hundredth time. Sometimes you’ll need to hire a professional videographer to make movie magic.

Why No One Is Interested In Your Home Videos Anymore

So what’s the big deal? Why don’t more people want to check out “Baby’s First Meal” or “How The Dog Got His Head Stuck In The Garbage Can?” I can sum up this problem in four short words.

Lack. Of. Video. Editing. That’s right, I said it. Edit those home videos! I guarantee you that by aggressivley cutting out the scenes that are less than perfect, you’ll have a bigger audience for those otherwise, shall we say more lackluster home videos.

The Downside

There is a downside to this. There actually are people in the world who want to see every frame of your home videos. These people are usually, once again, the people doing the filming and the people being filmed. Maybe a better way of showing off your home videos is to create a longer version for the egos of yourself and your video subjects and a shorter version for those new friends you’ve made who would appreciate a more exciting, shorter version of “Our Trip To Disneyland”.

In a way this already happens. When you watch a home video on tape, whether you’re the videotaper or the one being videotaped, don’t you just push fast forward on the remote when you come across scenes that drag? Most of us do, it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

Advances In Video Editing

With technological advances in video such as DV video tape and DVD authoring it’s turning out to be really easy to create different versions of the same home videos. These days it’s possible to create many new versions of the same old video. Maybe you can gain a large audience by editing a quick video of something exciting and uploading it to YouTube or some other video sharing site.

DVD authoring is a relatively new technology for editing those home videos but it’s already quite simple to create a DVD with a simple menu system. All you really need is DVD authoring software and some DVD burning software. These days, both of these may already be on your computer but for more options it may be more adviseable for you to shell out some cash for a more professional look. It doesn’t have to be expensive, there are many versions of DVD authoring software out there that don’t put too much strain on your wallet.


Whichever way you choose to edit your home movies, I beg you, please spend a little time using your video editing software to make them a little more palatable. Otherwise I may have to make my excuses and get away before I have to see four hours of “Daddy’s Birthday Party” for the millionth time

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