I have a college student

I never thought I’d be posting this soon, but I have a college student!  Of course it’s not one of the kids, it’s hubby.  I didn’t want to share the news until everything was all set, but now it is.  He was having no luck in another class he was taking for job readiness and assistance in job searching so they suggested this program.  He begins on July 20th at Mount Wachusett Community College in the Advanced Manufacturing Industry Readiness Training course.  The program runs 6 weeks and will hopefully help him aquire an entry – level job in the industry.


I’m so proud of him.  We hate living in this shelter,  but it’s been exactly what we needed to get on with our lives.  We’re all bettering ourselves and working towards a better life for our family without outside interference and rude comments.   We’ve gotten away from the toxic people who pushed themselves into our lives.  I can’t wait for his classes to begin.   I really think this is going to be a great confidence booster for him and he’ll see how amazing he really is. 

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