Monday it begins

Monday it begins!! At 8:30am Khloe and I will be heading to the school for the first of her evaluations,  speech.  I’m not worried about her speech,  but might as well have everything evaluated and not miss anything.
I won’t lie that I’m so nervous about going. Normally hubby comes to everything with me or takes the kids on his own because of my anxiety.  He’s not good with paperwork work and discussing all Khloe’s quirks and behavioral issues as I am so my attending with her is the smarter choice.
From this evaluation I’m hoping we’ll discuss whichever will be next and then on June 10th both hubby and I have a conference at the school to go over everything.  Unfortunately I’ll have to attend alone as we have no one to watch all the kids.  No one outside the shelter program is allowed into the rooms and there is no way we can get the kids to anyone and make the conference in time.
I’m really hoping this is the beginning of moving forward and everything will become a little bit easier for all of us.

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