School has been the biggest mistake


First day of school from our new home

It is horrible to say, but school has been the biggest mistake.  I’m seriously missing homeschool. So why might you ask did we enroll them?  There are many reasons, all we thought were right at the time.

From September 2014 into last year DCF was urging us to move forward with Khloe’s evaluations, suggesting going through the school.  Unfortunately Boston wouldn’t do it because despite still being considered Boston residents while in a shelter,  we wouldn’t be local for multiple evaluations so we needed to transfer homeschooling to Leominster.   The process was quite simple,  a form like Boston requiring less than a full education plan, but a little more than Boston asked for.  After everything was processed she began evaluations and the school suggested enrollment. 

In July our DCF worker said that due to the schools recommendation they are required to enforce the suggestion of enrollment.  I contacted HSLDA and got a scholarship for membership.   We were ready to fight!! HSLDA was behind us and I was pretty certain we would win.  The school didn’t get the chance to see Khloe’s behavior and there was no way I could go to constant meetings or pick her up if she was behaving too badly to control her.

In August we got the call that we were approved for our apartment and would be getting the next available three bedroom,  so hubby and I talked about the pros and cons.  Our reasons for homeschooling was Khloe’s behavior problems,  Keira’s anxiety,  not having a stable / permanent living situation,  controlling their education (adjusting teaching above or below “grade level” based on their individual learning), not liking the Boston Public Schools and some smaller more personal issues.  We always told ourselves when our living situation was stable and more permanent we would give them the option to try school.  We spoke to members of the community and found the schools seemed to be decent and with our moving we’d be having many meetings with housing, getting documentation to various departments, moving and more, so not having all 4 kids to drag around would make it a bit easier.


First day of school

A week before school began we talked to the girls about if they wanted to go to school and Khloe and Keira decided they wanted to try it out,  but Kaylee wanted to continue homeschooling.   The process was simple I was picked up by a cab, filled out documents and we waited to find out their school and bus information,  which we got a week after school began.  The whole time I was filled with regrets,  I just had a bad feeling.


They were excited,  though the weekend before they started Keira changed her mind.  The morning of their first day Keira had a massive panic and I had fight myself not to grab her up and keep her home.  Khloe on the other hand was beyond thrilled and couldn’t get on the bus fast enough.  I was so sad, one child I was forcing to go, telling her to test it out for the year and that she wanted it, while the other couldn’t get away from us fast enough.


To be continued on why it has become a huge mistake……

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