We have a home


Dining area

Yes you read that right, we have a home!!  Shortly after my blog went down in August we got the call that we were next on the wait list in our top choice apartment complex.  They didn’t have an idea when an apartment would open up, but the next one was ours.


Living room

We applied in March and now needed to update all our paperwork because it was out dated.  The complex rents based on income and there is a max you can make based on family size despite offering market rent units.  The units are on the low end of market rent and part of the complex is subsidized,  but it is nice and affordable (kind of).



By September we were waiting on our bank to return proof of account for myself and a family had given an October 1st move out date!!! This meant we could be in by October 15th at the soonest.   We began getting our stuff in storage and at my in-laws prepared to move and signing all the documents to receive Homebase ($8,000 towards move in, mattresses and partial rent assistance for the first year) and waited.

On November 2nd we moved into our 3 bed, 1.5 bath apartment.  Life has been insane since then.  We were told our assistance wouldn’t change, but it did and now we’re struggling between buying toiletries and paying our electric bill.  Right after we moved in (literally our last day in shelter was listed as November 3rd) they announced on November 4th the shelter was closing and most would be getting a rental voucher.  We were approved for one and it is income based, but instead of helping it raised our rent $58 more a month which leaves us in the red around $185 a month. We’re working through it,  but it’s tough and hopefully we’ll get ahead soon enough.

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